Rosanjin in SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall)

ROSANJIN РA  nice little Japanese restaurant at Mega Fashion Hall, we had a quick lunch here a couple of weeks ago and tried their tobanyaki and kaminabe dishes. The stuff that we tried were actually quite good, most of them laid in pieces of gooey, melting cheese but all good.

rosanjin_scallop_butteryakiWe started with this Scallop Butteryaki of what they’re claiming to be Hokkaido jumbo scallops topped with uni, ebiko and cooked in butter. It was nice and plump and cooked nicely in lots of butter and then you hit a bit of sweetness from the uni – good.

rosanjin_chicken_cheeseyakiMost of the dishes that we tried are Tobanyaki, a style of Japanese cooking where they use earthenware that utilizes even distribution of heat to cook the dish. This is their Chicken Cheeseyaki of succulent chicken thigh pieces and and cheese cooked in slightly sweet teriyaki-like sauce. This was very good, the chicken pieces had nice toasted bits on the edges and still moist and tender to the bite – this dish is very good with lots of rice.

rosanjin_australian_rib_steakWe also tried their Australian Ribeye Steak. Cubes of marbled beef and tofu pieces cooked in earthenware. Do take note of the time of the cooking so the pieces of meat won’t get overcooked. Personally I prefer my steak grilled as I love the toasted, caramelization on the edges and the crust, but this was quite good too, the meat was tender and went well with a variety of sauces that they served it with.

rosanjin_shrimp_cheeseyakiShrimp Cheeseyaki of shrimp butterflied and stuffed with lots of cheese and some japanaese mayonnaise. This is actually one of my favorites from the stuff that we tried, once cooked the cheese blends with the mayonnaise and coats everything like a sauce – together with the plump shrimp pieces, it’s heaven in your mouth.

We also tried some of their Kaminabe dishes where the stew is cooked in a piece of Japanese paper as the pot, the steam from these dishes as its cooking is very nice and appetizing.

rosanjin_sukiyaki_kaminabeSukiyaki Kaminabe of tender, marbled beef sitting on a bed of sweet and flavorful sukiyaki soup base. Once cooked, the meat was tender, fatty and together with the sweet soup base, it’s very good with rice.

rosanjin_shrimp_kaminabeIf you’re a fan of seafood, I suggest you try their Shrimp Kaminabe that’s been cooked in miso and shrimp soup base – a whiff and a spoonful will provide you some intense seafood goodness – the essence, the flavor of the shrimp condensed in soup form. GOOD!

rosanjin_seafood_kaminabeYou can also get their Seafood Kaminabe of a pot full of soy soup base – shrimp, scallop pieces and buri. The sauce base was nice mixture of slightly sweet and salty. The flavor profile was a bit similar to their sukiyaki.

I was pleasantly surprised with the food that we tried at Rosanjin in SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall). I specially enjoyed the Tobanyaki dishes that we tried, specially the one with chicken thighs and the shrimp pieces that’s been cooked and covered with creamy, cheesy goodness.


Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall,
SM Megamall, Ortigas,
Mandaluyong City
(02) 246-9069 ext:370
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