Saboten Glorietta: Jumbo Hiroshima Oysters and Other Katsu Treats

Saboten is one of the more authentic katsu places to open a store here in the Philippines having two stores in Serendra and Glorietta, I remember some of my Japanese officemates and friends being extremely excited about the concept opening their store here, craving for their specials specially the grated radish katsu. Recently they launched a new line of dishes, with these jumbo oysters in the center of things.

saboten_glorietta_featured_posterJumbo Hiroshima Oysters in light and crispy batter so plump, succulent and flavorful with a bit of creamy mouth-feel once you bite into it. Good stuff.saboten_glorietta_agedashi_tofuStarted with something really light and I was extremely surprised that I really liked this dish. Agedashi Tofu of perfectly cooked pieces of light tofu sitting on a bed of sticky, flavorful sauce that adheres to them and some bonito flakes for more flavor and texture as topping. I really liked this one and that’s coming from someone who isn’t really fond of tofu.

saboten_glorietta_edamameAnother light appetizer dish is their Edamame, so simple and lightly seasoned green beans that are quite addicting, would finish a serving quickly, once you pop these beans, you won’t be able to stop.

saboten_glorietta_sides Like most katsu places they serve also some cabbage to pair with a variety of dressing, my favorite being the roasted sesame for its amazing flavor. You also get to grind your own sesame seeds to pair with their signature tonkatsu sauce.

saboten_glorietta_grated_radish_katsuNow this is Saboten‘s more popular dish, a staple in the restaurant and they’re probably the first katsu place that served this kind of stuff. Grated Radish Katsu (Tenderloin) that’s a sure treat to meat lovers like myself, topped with a generous grating of radish and that sauce with some of the grapefruit, it provides a refreshing flavor another dimension of taste when you pair it together, not really a fan of radish but I really, really liked this one.

saboten_glorietta_jumbo_hiroshima_oystersFor seafood lovers, you guys should definitely try their Jumbo Hiroshima Oysters. So good! Same light and crispy batter of panko as their other katsu treats but this time you have these plump and juicy oysters that’s so flavorful. It’s a delightful mix of creamy texture in the center and crispy outer bits served with a creamy and  flavorful sauce.

saboten_glorietta_tsuki_moonWe also tried one from their specialty course menu that’s composed of a platter of different katsu treats that’s definitely great for sharing. We got the Yuki / Snow set that’s composed of crab cream croquetes, tenderloin, shrimp and those gorgeous rolled katsu.

saboten_glorietta_tsuki_moon2The Rolled Tenderloin Cutlet pieces was definitely my favorite from the set, I really liked the cheese as it’s generous with the mozzarella stuffing giving it an infinitely more creamy mouth-feel as you bite into it. The plum is very good too, you get all the meaty stuff and then you hit the sour and refreshing topping that balances all the flavor.

saboten_glorietta_strawberry_yakult_shakeFor drinks I got their Strawberry Yakult Smoothie that’s very good and refreshing, perfect for the brutal summer heat. Two things I love in one drink, you get a flavor of yakult in the background and a more evident flavor in the strawberry base, good stuff.

saboten_glorietta_sesame_cakeFor sweet endings we tried two of their cakes, started with this Sesame Sans Rival of sorts of delightfully chewy and light layers of pastry and cream that’s oh so flavorful, if you love the sesame flavor, this is a must-try from their dessert menu.

saboten_glorietta_matcha_lychee_almond_cakeI was with Y for this lunch and being the matcha lovers that we are, we just had to get their Matcha Lychee Almond Cake. I was a bit hesitant to get this as I was afraid the other flavors would overpower the matcha component but I was wrong, it was a delightful mix of everything with a nice lingering tea flavor at the finish.

Good stuff in Saboten Glorietta, tried both their stores and their quality of food and service has been quite consistent. I really like their Grated Radish Katsu and I highly recommend the new Jumbo Hiroshima Oysters.



Ground Floor, Glorietta 5,
Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex,
Makati City
(02)625-0909 / (02)625-0899


Ground Floor, Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 625-2000
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