Sandaya Fisher Mall: Your Best Bet for a Good Yakiniku Fix in the North?

SANDAYA FISHER MALL – Japanese restaurants, very good yakiniku places – whenever I get these cravings I always find myself going to restaurants in the South, staples and go-to’s include restaurants in Pasay Road and Little Tokyo in Makati. But for some of us that’s based in the North, there really isn’t a good place for quality Japanese food and yakiniku right? And then I stumbled upon this new place. Sandaya Yakiniku in Fisher Mall. And I must say they serve some quality meats here and the food is surprisingly good. This is my new go-to place whenever I crave for grilled meats, yakiniku style and is too lazy to travel all the way to Makati and other places in the far south.

sandaya_fisher_mall_feature_posterWagyu striploin, shortribs, kurobuta sausages makes for the most hunger inducing aroma when grilled table side. A feast of meat and lots of that fried rice that’s just perfect with the fatty meat.sandaya_fisher_mall_meat_yakiniku_sauceBeing a yakiniku place,¬† Sandaya tries to get that right balance with serving quality meats and have competitive prices. Some US short ribs, chuck tender, short plate, hanging tender, and that gorgeous kobe style wagyu striploin, we had an assortment of meats for grilling and all of them were very good. And they also have some killer yakiniku sauces here, I also recommend getting the spicy one too, just the right amount of heat to leave you wanting for more, meaty, fatty stuff.

sandaya_fisher_mall_steak_tartare_posterStarted with their Steak Tartare of lean meat, sauce, and egg yolk. The sauce is quite strong and reminded me of the flavor profile of Korean grilled meats. Really enjoyed this one.

sandaya_fisher_mall_kani_saladI also tried some of this Kani Salad, it’s light and refreshing with the sauce just enough to adhere to the greens and other toppings. Didn’t get a lot from the appetizers we had since I was very excited for the grilled meats that we got. Got my eyes on some fatty beef + awesome fried rice / chahan action.


Started with some short ribs and it was so good! I always liked this cut of meat as it’s naturally packed with flavor. Cook it right and you’ll get tender meat and amazing flavor that’s just perfect with rice. Next I munched on some of those thin slices of beef belly which is more fatty and succulent and really good. Having all the right caramelization on the edges, I really enjoyed this one.

sandaya_fisher_mall_beef_yakiniku2We also tried some of the inexpensive cuts of chuck and hanging tender. Both good, tender and packed with flavor, the key here to cook the pieces of meat properly and do not overcook them so you’ll get more tender texture and flavor from your meat.

sandaya_fisher_mall_chahanLike I said these grilled meat pieces are just perfect with rice, lots of it. I devoured a number of bowls of their chahan (Japanese fried rice) that night. With flavorful, fatty meat pieces, a killer yakiniku sauce eating it with lots of this good stuff is a must.

sandaya_fisher_mall_wagyu_premium_sirloinBut really the star of our dinner was their Kobe Style Premium Sirloin, the marbling on this one is just fantastic. You SHOULD try this! Meat that’s oh so tender it almost melts in your mouth. SO GOOD! This cut of meat from their yakiniku selection is comparable to some of the other Japanese restaurants that I love, and with a more appealing price point, it’s a very good deal. This cut of meat is not meant for sharing, I can order this and some of that fried rice¬† or their fluffy white rice and I’d be a very happy camper.

sandaya_fisher_mall_kurobuta_sausagesWe also tried their Kurobuta Sausages and I must say this one’s also a must-try! A gorgeous meat to fat ratio and the meat, when cooked had this naturally subtle sweetness to it. Again must order with rice. I really liked dipping this on their spicy yakiniku sauce, as it leaves me craving for more fatty meat.

sandaya_fisher_mall_mutsuni_beef_soupYou should also get their Japanese Style Beef Soup, I think this is called mutsuni (?) The base reminded me of a really good miso soup but this time infinitely more flavorful as they have pieces of beef and tripe mixed in.

sandaya_fisher_mall_US_beef_tongueI was definitely in a state of food coma back then when a friend from instagram told me they serve really good beef tongue and it’s a staple whenever he visits the place. Of course I had to try these pieces of beef tongue that’s a bit more subtle in flavor but really enjoyable. I eat it as is to fully appreciate the flavor of the meat. And get the marbled cuts too.

I was really surprised with the quality of grilled meat and other stuff that we tried at Sandaya Fisher Mall. Finally there’s a good yakiniku place in the northern part of the Metro and it’s a lot more closer to where I live. Will definitely be back for more. And they also have this promo to spread awareness of how awesome their yakiniku is. A yakiniku buffet with a sub P500 price tag. This is a very good deal. Will definitely go back for more.

Sandaya Fisher Mall

Third Floor, Fisher Mall,
Quezon Avenue, West Triangle,
Quezon City
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