New Sweet Tooth Treats by Scout’s Honor, Just in Time for the Month of Love

Scout’s Honor has got to be one of my favorite pastry shops that was released last year. A craft cookie place with an exciting milk bar, a make-your-own option, and some of the irresistibly good signature ones that I really really liked. And Chef Miko Aspiras after their stint at the recently concluded world pastry cup in Lyon came bearing gifts of new and exciting ingredients that he transformed to these simple sweet tooth treats.

scouts_honor_valentines_day_posterMERINGUE may sound so simple but Miko’s version is just really good. Light set outer edges yielding this delightfully fluffy and airy consistency, this new treat will be available in Scout’s Honor starting today and comes in three variants of Orange Poppy Seed and Almond, Matcha Black Sesame, Rose Praline.scouts_honor_valentines_day_orange_poppy_seed_and_almond_posterORANGE POPPY SEED & ALMOND – this has got to be the simplest of the new meringue line of products, again that delightfully light and fluffy base and then you get these pieces of rind for some of that hint of citrus and refreshing flavor and then the poppy seeds and almond slivers for added flavor and texture.

scouts_honor_valentines_day_match_black_sesameposterThis MATCHA BLACK SESAME Meringue is my favorite, the flavor profile reminded me of their matcha cookie which I really, really like. Something that’s light and chewy coupled with the awesome aroma and earthy flavor of green tea and some specks of black sesame and then a nice drizzling of dark chocolate, this is really good!

scouts_honor_valentines_day_rose_praline_posterROSE PRALINE is a real beauty, this has to be one of the more appealing ones because of its color and the crushed pralines that has been stuffed onto the meringue. Again being inspired with their recent trip to Lyon, Miko shared that they tend to use it on everything there and he brought some (hoard) so he can make treats with these sweet jewels that’s stuffed with nuts.

These gorgeous heart-shaped meringue will be available all throughout February just in time of V-Day and the month of love. After that, they’ll launch more flavors so I’m very excited about this new product line at Scout’s Honor.


DARK CHOCOLATE POTATO CHIP – dark chocolate chip cookie, potato chips + salt pretzels, dark chocolate

Trying to push the boundaries or cookies, they made this badass that was a big hit for me as I like things that are sweet and salty. Decadent dark chocolate chip cookie bar with marshmallows topped with chocolate chips and dipped potato chip and pretzels. It’s so good! Rich and then you get to the salty bits that will leave you wanting for more.

scouts_honor_valentines_day_red_velvet_chocolate_chip_posterRED VELVET

CHOCOLATE CHIP – red velvet cookie sandwich, cream chewie icing, dark chocolate chip

They really don’t scrimp on Scout’s Honor and this RED VELVET CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE BAR is a great example, a cookie sandwich that’s nice and crumbly with a generous filling and topping of cream cheese and then topped with grated dark chocolate chip. What’s not to like yes?


ROCKY ROAD – double fudge cookie, marshmallows, peanuts, dark chocolate chips

A love affair with dark chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. Their ROCKY ROAD is a real treat of that rich double fudge base and that melted marshmallow on the center had this almost caramel-like mouth-feel. And then those dark chocolate chips and nuts for texture.


PBJ – peanut + oats cookie, peanut butter, home-made jam

I love peanut butter and jelly so this PBJ cookie was a big hit for me. I love how they incorporate a lot of flavor and texture on their cookies but they do it in a way that it’s not too much and cloying. This time a beautiful base of peanut and oats was the perfect base for that creamy peanut butter and the nice hint of tartness from the jam in the center.

More and more reasons to go to Scout’s Honor at Hole in the Wall of Century City Mall to get your cookie cravings and maybe buy those heart-shaped meringue treats for someone special.

Scout’s Honor

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