COOKIE MONSTERS HEAVEN: Scout’s Honor at Hole in the Wall

SCOUT’S HONOR – A new craft cookie place that you should definitely check out! If you love desserts, a self-proclaimed cookie monster or anyone that’s just always in the lookout for good food, do try this new concept spearheaded by two young and talented chefs, Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla. Choose from a variety of their Scout’s Cookie, get to know their classic, signature cookie creations, they also have a gorgeous milk bar and an awesome craft cookie / make-your-own-cookie option. GOOD STUFF!


Happiness! Yes these cookies looks and tastes good, a rack full of their signature scout’s cookies and on the background is a savory one. Craft Cookie with gouda cheese, spam (tocino), and a herb shortbread base? BIG YES!!!



  1. Choose your Cookie’s MOTHER DOUGH (Basic Chewy Cookie, Double Chocolate Fudge, Molasses Oatmeal Cookie, Vegan Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie[no sugar added], Herbed Shortbread Cookie)
  2. Select your desired TOPPINGS (Chocolate Chunks + Chips: milk / dark / white, Raisins, Cranberries, Oreo, Salty Pretzel, Trail Mix [salted nuts, oats, dried fruits], Roasted Macadamia, Roasted Hazelnut, Marshmallows, Kitkat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candied Bacon / Ham, Cheese[cheddar, gruyere, gouda, mix], Cream Cheese, Philippine Dried Mango, Pastillas, Peanut Brittle, Vegan Chocolate, Dates)
  3. Indicate the type of SWIRL (Peanut Butter, Nutella)


We wanted to try a bunch of stuff from their Scout’s Cookie selection and is primarily of a sweet base so we opted to try their Craft Cookie / Make-your-own Cookie option as well, this time with a savory base. As per Miko’s recommendation I got this savory cookie with an herbed shortbread base + gouda cheese + spam tocino bits and it was good!! The base had a nice balance of slight chewy and crumbly base, a nice hint of flavor from the herb base with traces of rosemary that went really well with the melted cheese and the sweet relief that’s the pieces of spam.


You can’t have cookies without milk right? From the milk bar we got this bottle of their Corn Milk and it turned out to be the perfect match for the cookies we had, something simple and refreshing with faint notes of corn to wash down all those wonderful cookie goodness. Other variants from their Craft Milk Bar include¬†Horlicks (malt), Almond Ginseng, Nutella, Matcha, Oreo, Fruit Loops, Salted Caramel, Cherry Chocolate, Bamboo Charcoal, Corn, Black Sesame, Strawberry with either a Whole-Milk or Non-Fat base.


COOKIE INCEPTION – cookie within a cookie within a cookie: oreo + double chocolate fudge + chocolate chip


At first glance, their cookie inception seemed like your classic cookie of a chocolalate chip base and who doesn’t love that right? But as you bite into it you’ll be delighted because this seemingly simple sweet tooth treat actually has 3 different cookie base. An outer layer of chocolate chip and as you bit into it, your teeth and palate is indulge in this nice dark, rich, and chocolaty base that’s the chocolate fudge, and as you hit the center you have that little surprise of a whole oreo cookie stuffed inside. This is really good love the base, and the contrast of flavor and texture. This one’s a must-try!


MATCHA SESAME – green tea + milk chocolate chip cookie sandwich + roasted black sesame + white chocolate filling

For those of you that love the complex and earthy flavor of matcha, you’ll go crazy over this one. The base was of deep green tea flavor with sweet red bean bits for that nice contrast and then you hit that lovely filling of a mix of roasted black sesame and white chocolate. Heaven in your mouth!


SAMOAS DREAMS – coconut + caramel + salt on sable + breton cookie + stripped with dark chocolate

Another thing of beauty, I really liked their Samoas Dreams – a base of light and crumbly breton cookie topped with a generous mix of coconut and caramel making for a nice sweet and sticky finish then you hit some of the salt bits that gives it a nice hint and spike of saltiness and those swirls of dark chocolate to top it off – fantastic!


SMORES-TAG-ALONGS – double shortbread cookie + milk + chocolate layers + campfire mashmallows + graham crumble

If ever you get their Smores, do try to eat it right away and be treated of the almost melted marshmallow toppings dusted with a nice sweet graham crumble and then you hit the shortbread cookie base that’s delightfully crumbly and firm enough to hold the layers of milk chocolate, a simple and good sweet tooth treat of classic combinations that almost always work.


THIN MINTS – double chocolate fudge cookie sandwich + mint buttercream

It’s no secret that I love everything with dark chocolate and mint and their Thin Mints hits the spot to my never-ending addiction to this flavor combination. They really nailed the flavor profile on this one! A dark, bold and decadent cookie base of bittersweet chocolate with edges dipped in this heavenly velvety chocolate glaze and then you hit the filling oh that relief of the sweet and fresh flavor from the mint buttercream that’s downright fantastic stuff. If you love dark chocolate and mint you SHOULD get this.

As much as we want to try the other variants of their Scout Cookies and the other possible combinations from the Craf Cookie / Make-your-own cookie bar, we were so full because we had dinner prior to our visit to Scout’s Honor in Hole-in-the-wall. Will definitely be back for some craft cookie goodness and will get more stuff from their milk bar, I’m so excited to try everything! Thanks again Ate A and G for a lovely dinner and for treating this cookie monster at Scout’s Honor.

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