Seattles Best Coffee — A Taste of Christmas in a Cup

Seattles Best Coffee launched a bunch of Christmas inspired drinks both available in Javakula and Hot variants. For this year I think they’re going for a toy shop inspired look; from the Christmassy decorations at the store front to the little design elements at the counter and the mug and tumbler displays. And most importantly the holiday cup of cheers; four coffee flavors, a gradation of flavors for everyone’s enjoyment.


Their Gingerbest is a personal favorite, a blend that’s not too sweet, truly a taste of Christmas in a cup, a white chocolate mocha base with swirls of gingerbread syrup and an enticing garnish of Christmas tree sprinkles and a gingerbread man.


GINGERBEST — SBC’s white chocolate mocha infused with gingerbread syrup, garnished with whipped cream, topped with Christmas tree candy sprinkles and gingerbread candy man


EGGNOG FROST — SBC’s white chocolate mocha perfectly combined with eggnog and cinnamon vanilla flavors topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with silver candy beads.


Their Eggnog Frost offers a sweeter blend and would probably attract a lot of people with the sweet tooth, a white chocolate base infused with notes of eggnog and cinnamon, a simple sweet treat garnished with whipped cream and these silver candy beads, a nice touch!


ROASTED HAZELNUT — SBC’s classic mocha harmoniously mixed with roasted hazelnut and coffee syrups topped with a cloud of whipped cream, crushed hazelnuts and snowflakes candies.


Another personal favorite, their Roasted Hazelnut offers a bolder flavor. Classic mocha base made more interesting with the nutty, earthy notes of hazelnut, then you hit the whipped cream with the crushed nutty bits giving another layer of texture. Finished with snowflake decorated candies, out of all the Christmas-themed flavors this is the one that I enjoyed most for both javakula and hot variant.


COOKIES & MINT — SBC’s classic mocha with a tempting mix of Oreo cookies and mint syrup covered with whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies. An SBC all-time Christmas favorite.



Being partial with almost anything with mint, the Cookies & Mint ticks all theĀ  boxes, a bolder flavor from the classic mocha base with notes of that refreshing mint taste that I really, really like. Then you hit the crushed oreo bits for a nice tinge of crunch. I enjoy the hot version of this dish better because it gives a stronger mint flavor.


Of course with all these Christmas inspired treats, it’s inevitable that they launch it with the Dream Journal, a well thought off and well put together Planner / Journal that I’m sure you’ll love.

So have you guys tried their Holiday Cup of Cheer? What’s your favorite? Hit the comment box, let me know!


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