Shifu Master’s Kitchen GIVEAWAY!

I’m doing a quick giveaway for Shifu Master’s Kitchen; a place that serves really good food, simple in presentation but bold in flavor, now these are some of the must-try dishes at Shifu: shifu_masters_kitchen_lechon_macau_poster Lechon Macau — Crispy pork fat, one of the better Lechon Macau I had in recent memory! shifu_masters_kitchen_pata_bihon_poster PATA BIHON – thin noodles topped with succulent pieces of pork, simple and really, really good! shifu_masters_kitchen_chicken_chops2 CHICKEN CHOPS – Thin and flavorful batter, tender meat, good finger food. shifu_masters_kitchen_3_egg_polonchay   Three Eggs Polonchay – A play of flavors and texture, something light and healthy.

You can check my feature about the restaurant here for more information [Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix]

Joining the giveaway is easy, just follow the instructions at the rafflecopter widget below. 🙂

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UPDATE: Congratulations Mr. Mercury Brugada for winning my Shifu Master’s Kitchen Giveaway!

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  1. The dish of Shifu Master’s Kitchen would i like to try is the PATA BIHON. It looks Delicious and i love to eat bihon specially like PATA Bihon.

    complete name: Rhozallino Ramones
    email address:

  2. I want to try the lechon macau and pata bihon, im curious how distinct they ould taste… =)

    Marinette Nama

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