Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix

Shifu Masters Kitchen — A meek restaurant along Granada Street in Quezon City (Near Greenhills Town Center and Gilmore) with an odd name. A fairly small place with few tables. Food is surprisingly good! We tried a bunch of stuff from their menu, a feast of bold flavors, and playful takes on some familiar dishes. shifu_masters_kitchen_pata_bihon_poster This is their PATA BIHON — thin noodles exudes a wonderful aroma, served with succulent pork pieces that were fork tender, fatty bits melts in your mouth and gives a burst of flavor. shifu_masters_kitchen_3_egg_polonchay In an attempt to start with something light, we tried the Three Eggs Polonchay (P205) first. Got the slightest bit of crunch from the green stuff and then the eggs giving another dimension of flavor, a spike of saltiness that makes for a good starter dish, just enough to titillate the taste buds. shifu_masters_kitchen_shifu_special_congee A piping hot bowl of their Shifu Special Congee was perfect for that day’s erratic weather, generous toppings of various yummy stuff and I really liked the presentation. The congee was nice, warm and comforting, perfect for the rainy days. shifu_masters_kitchen_kutchay_dumplings2 Downright simple and good were these Kutchay Dumplings (P180) of thin wrappers were simple fillings of veggies and pork, hit it with the spicy soy based sauce to give it that much needed punch of flavor, the tinge of heat leaves you wanting for more, I can easily finish a plate of 10 pieces of their dumplings. shifu_masters_kitchen_pork_and_shrimp_siomai1 shifu_masters_kitchen_pork_and_shrimp_siomai2Another must-try are these Pork and Shrimp Siomai (P65).ย I really liked how meaty andย siksikย the dim sum was, it reminded me of some of the better ones I had at Makati’s Weekend Market and some other dim sum places. Tender and packed with flavor, hit it with the sauce with lots of garlic and chili and I’m a happy camper. Then we moved on to the more filling stuff, a feast of Lechon Macau, Pata Bihon and so much more.

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52 thoughts on “Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix”

  1. I love chinese food!! I want to try their PATA BIHON and SHIFU SPECIAL CONGEE. Carbo-loading at its best!! I can’t resist noodles and congee…weird…i don’t know why…i just love them.

    Trinket Bulseco

  2. I honestly would like to try all of em because they all look so delish!!! My mouth is watering right now and I haven’t eaten dinner yet >.< The Lechon Macau, Chicken Chops, Siomai and Kutchay Dumplings looks very yummy!!!

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