Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix

Oh would you look at that, perfectly cooked pork pieces with the fat showing off its glistening glory, edges of crunchy, chicharon-like goodness that gives utter bliss to shameless meat lovers like me.

shifu_masters_kitchen_lechon_macau1 shifu_masters_kitchen_lechon_macau2
CRISPY PORK FAT! Oh that ever great source of happiness for meat lovers like myself, one that’s done beautifully this time. The pork pieces yielded this crispy fatty bits with the meat part still tender, caramelisation in all the right places and what’s great about it is that it’s doesn’t have that oily mouth feel. This one’s a definite must-try! Definitely one of the better Lechon Macau I tried in recent memory, it’s a more rice more fun kind of dish, which is exactly why we got this next…


PATA RICE (P155) — Heaps of flavorful rice topped with succulent pork pieces, this went really well with the crispy fatty bits of the lechon macau, flavorful rice topped with really tender pata pieces, simple and good.


The Shifu Fried Chicken (P205) was quite nice too, tried the wing part first, it had a nice savory, flavorful batter that didn’t need any sauce or whatsoever. Then I tried the breast part next, this time it was a bit overcooked for my liking, the meat was tad try compared to the dark meat parts, that said I still like the flavor the meat yielded, next time I’ll just go for the thigh part. πŸ™‚

This is their PATA BIHON (P215) a must-try dish. simple but really, really good. When the dish was served it emitted this crazy good aroma, giving us a hard time taking pictures because we were so excited to dig in and try this seemingly awesome dish in front of us.

shifu_masters_kitchen_pata_bihon1 shifu_masters_kitchen_pata_bihon2

Thin noodles ever so flavorful topped with succulent pork pieces, Oh I couldn’t ask for more! Some say that these pancit bihon bits represents good health and longetivity, but Master Shifu’s version made it a very sinful, pampabata dish, one that’s crazy good. Tried the noodles first, as is, having topped with these pork pieces, I think some of the oil and flavors were then infused in the noodles, got some traces of that familiar pork flavor on my first slurp. Then I tried it with the pata pieces, a combination that makes so much sense, the pork bits give a spike of savory goodness to the already flavorful thin noodles, then you hit the veggies bits giving the slightest tinge of crunch, it was fantastic.


Another must-try are these Chicken Chops, a batter that’s light and savory and the meat was really tender, good finger food. The execution for this dish was so much better that their signature chicken dish, it has a more flavorful base, and really tender meat.

For drinks we enjoyed their Milk Tea


Bottomless for just P110, its a very good deal, the base of the milk tea is more on the sweet side but you’d still get traces of the distinct, bold tea flavor. Grass jelly as sinkers to add another dimension of texture to the drink, again, simple and good. For desserts they have some Korean Ice Cream and the usual Mango Sago and Almond Jelly.

We had a fantastic dining experience at Shifu Masters Kitchen, food is simple and downright good, prices are relatively cheap too. Service was okay, but its nice if the staff would be more knowledgeable of the menu items so they can make good recommendations to the diners.

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Shifu Master’s Kitchen

58 Granada St
Valencia, Quezon City
(02) 726-1135
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52 thoughts on “Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix”

  1. I love chinese food!! I want to try their PATA BIHON and SHIFU SPECIAL CONGEE. Carbo-loading at its best!! I can’t resist noodles and congee…weird…i don’t know why…i just love them.

    Trinket Bulseco

  2. I honestly would like to try all of em because they all look so delish!!! My mouth is watering right now and I haven’t eaten dinner yet >.< The Lechon Macau, Chicken Chops, Siomai and Kutchay Dumplings looks very yummy!!!

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