Summer Treats and Indulgences at Simple Lang Ayala Triangle Gardens

Recently I went to Simple Lang Ayala Triangle Gardens and sampled some of their new dishes, it’s been a while since I went to this area and it took the spot of Momo Cafe which we frequented before for some good comfort food. A dinner filled with summer treats and refreshments and some indulgent dishes that would make any meat lover happy.Started with some of their more popular dishes, classics of bagnet and dinakdakan in all its meaty, fatty goodness.


BAGNET ESPESYAL – K.B.L., sukang iloko, calamansi

Happiness is seeing and munching on these gorgeous pieces of bagnet that they prepared confit style, fried, air dried and fried again to achieve that irresistible crunch. Luscious meat to fat ratio with the ever so flavorful meat and finishing it off with a nice crackle. Then you hit it with some K.B.L. and sukang iloko and lots of rice and its all good!


CRISPY “CHOP-CHOP” PORK BELLY DINAKDAKAN – chopped roasted pork belly, calamansi, paminta, special sauce, onions, sili, mayonnaise

Another awesome pork belly dish this time a little bit more complex with great flavor and texture combinations. Imagine chopped roasted pork belly bits with a nice trimming of fat and crackle tossed with onions, chili, their sauce and a bit of mayonnaise mixed in. It has a creamy mouthfeel and then you hit the pork bits and the other components making an infinitely more rich flavor and interesting texture. Good with rice too!

simple_lang_ayala_triangle_double_mint_sagot_gulamanThey recently launched a series of dishes that’s perfect for the summer season and this refreshment is one of them, a nice sense of nostalgia in every sip, Double Mint Sago’t Gulaman is a sure treat with the chewy pieces of sago and gelatin on a nice sweet and refreshing base made even more interesting with the flavor of that double mint bubble gum.


PANCIT TINOLA – hainan style chicken, fried sili leaves

This is a revelation for me, a delectable hybrid that’s a real comfort food treat! Pancit / egg noodles that are cooked with the soup base of the tinola making the flavor to sip it and permeate through each strand of the noodle and then it’s topped with some tender chicken pieces from the stew and some fried up sili leaves for some crunch. SO GOOD! This is a definite must-try! The flavor is rich and refreshing and they really nailed the flavor combination on this one. An inspired dish that you should definitely try.


CHICKEN SISIG INASAL – chicken inasal, cheese, crispy chicken skin

This reminded me heavily of my favorite sisig place back when I was in college, from a hole in the wall restaurant near our school was this place that was famous for their crispy sisig served on a sizzling pan, egg and some grated cheese. Their Chicken Sisig Inasal on the other hand utilizes some succulent pieces of chicken with nice caramelized and toasted bits and then topped with cheese for that added savory flavor and creamy mouth-feel and those pieces of crispy, crispy chicken skin! GOOD! A real treat.


MMMM MILO & MAMON – mamon topped with milo, condensed milk and whipped cream

A nice fun sweet tooth treat of stacks of fluffy, buttery mamon peices topped with generous sprinkling of milo powder for that malt, chocolaty goodness and a lot of condensed cream for that sweet kick, top it off with some vanilla ice cream. Simple dessert that’s a real eye candy and fun to eat.

simple_lang_ayala_triangle_gardens_ turon_bites

TURON BITES – saba, toasted sesame and condensed milk

This one is quite good too, imagine bite-sized pieces of turon tossed with bicho-bicho and then drizzled with some condensed milk. Sticky, sweet and good from the turon pieces with nice caramelized outer bits and the doughnuts that’s nice and fluffy as you bite into it.

I really liked the stuff that I tried at Simple Lang, they serve some simple and inspired Filipino comfort food and will surely be back for more. I’d love to try that deconstructed champorado of candied tuyo and chocolate rice balls.

Simple Lang

Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Ayala Ave cor Makati Ave.,
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 621-6162
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