SLICE at Bonifacio High Street

I’ve been wanting to try SLICE for quite some time now, we checked it out after our dinner at Brazil Brazil!

The place is quite new, but is certainly a haven for pastries that I’d love to try!

The store is still at soft opening, so things might change prior to this review 😀

As for the look and feel of the place, they got it right, offering chic interiors and cozy ambiance. Anyone would love to hang out at a place like this.

We tried their Chocolate Stirrer, Banana Cream Pie, and Double Chocolate Yema Cake.

Banana Cream Pie (P150)

Their Banana Cream Pie was good, the bananas were mushy and melts in your mouth, the custard/pudding part was not too sweet, and the crust gives it nice texture.

When we ordered their Chocolate Stirrer, it was really out of curiosity. When we were checking out the cakes that they offer, we stumbled upon a block of chocolate in a popsicle stick, there was no label of what it is and how much it was so we asked. It turns out it’s their new product and we’re actually the first ones that tried it.

And since we’re the first ones to try it, their pastry chef, Ms. Michiko did a little demo on how to prepare their chocolate stirrer.

Block of chocolate served with hot milk, you’ll use the chocolate block as a stirrer to infuse it’s chocolatey goodness to the warm milk *Drools*

Chocolate Stirrer (P150)

You should put block of chocolate in the cup and pour some milk and then continually stir to let the chocolate melt and infuse it’s goodness to the warm milk.

And since it’s a new product, and their only at soft opening, there’s still a few things that should be sorted out; they should figure out the right temperature of the milk. It should be able to melt the chocolate block and still be a bit warm when you try a sip.

Chocolate block melted!!!

When we tried it the milk wasn’t warm enough to melt the whole chocolate block, But it was really really good! munched on the semi melted chocolate block after this shot! hahahaah! 😀 😀

Double Chocolate Yema Cake (P240)

Their Double Chocolate Yema Cake was really rave worthy! The chocolate and yema combination was wonderful! It’s really a blissful experience munching on it. The sweetness was just right and that yema topping and filling gives you that extra something. It’s one of the best chocolate cakes I tried. It’s definitely a must-try!!! 😀

moist double chocolate yema cake — upclose

Their chocolate cake is moist and lovely 😀

Then Ms. Michiko offered us some stuff, some of their new offerings. It’s quite unfortunate that we had dinner already and the stuff that we could try was very limited. (we were really stuffed because of Brazil Brazil :D)

This is a butter cupcake with some marshmallow icing. It’s nice, the buttery goodness of the cupcake was lovely and the marshmallow icing provided this nice contrast in flavors that left me wanting for more.

Moments later she gave us this one, it’s not even in the menu she said, then apologize for forcing us to eat the stuff she was bringing to our table and chuckles. I actually don’t mind because they were all good 😀

It’s their own wheat bread topped with a slice of chicken meat and gravy. The gravy was really makasalanan, and I really liked their wheat bread.

Our stay at SLICE was a good one, and was certainly a nice way to end the night.

VERDICT: SLICE offers good pastries and some other stuff that’s really worth checking out. Their double chocolate yema cake was lovely, and the place really deserve a return trip!

VALUE FOR MONEY: Good value for money, they serve good stuff that is reasonably priced.


Southeast Block, Lower Ground Floor
Bonifacio High Street Central
Taguig City
(02) 565-1998
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23 thoughts on “SLICE at Bonifacio High Street”

  1. Cheesecakes are awesome. I just love them so much. I think the chocolate stirrer is very interesting. Hehe. And you’re “makasalanan” gravy is funny. But makasalanan? Sobrang sarap ba?Hahaha. I think I will eat them all if given a chance. lol.

  2. I super love the chocolate yema cake!! Really really rich, and your pic of the cake is beautiful 🙂

    Hey, it was great seeing you last night!


    1. Hello Regina, yep I really like their Double Chocolate Yema cake. Will post about slice soon. Tried a lot of stuff from main entrees to desserts. You’ll love the things we tried 😀

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