Trying the South Beach Diet with The Sexy Chef

I’m sure all of us gained weight during the holidays, the turn of the new year has always been time for indulging with good food and the festivities and unfortunately, most often than not, it all goes to your belly – literally. It’s quite depressing actually when you think of the pounds you gain. Recently I tried the South Beach Diet with the awesome people of The Sexy Chef, I figured I need to purge some of the weight I gained from the holidays.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_diet_blog_posterYou might be familiar with The Sexy Chef (spearheaded by Chef Barni and Rachel Alejandro) as they’re the pioneer with this healthy food delivery and controlled meal plans since they started over a decade ago. This is their gambas of plump shrimp pieces and a side of asparagus. If I learned anything with my one week with this diet, it’s that diet food can be exciting and delightfully filling too.

I won’t feature all the dishes that I’ve tried under their South Beach Diet program but I will include some of my favorites for this feature, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a two-week program that focuses on low-fat, low-carb, and high fiber food that’s aimed to control hunger and speed up weight loss.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_tuscan_tuna_wheelsWith this program you get five meals delivered to your doorstep daily, you have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This is one of my favorite quick bites – Tuscan Tuna Wheels that has a nice and refreshing base and those pieces of tuna and some other stuff as topping just packs loads of flavor.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_diet_skewer1I also tried a number of skewers during my week with this diet plan but by far my favorite was Chicken Kebab with Salad with Garlic Dressing. Found myself longing for the edges with the toasted, caramelized bits and these skewers are packed with awesome flavors layered with some aromatics and spices. The pieces of chicken meat were moist which is a good thing since there’s nothing sad than a dried piece of chicken breast. These are good and paired really well with the salad in garlic dressing that it’s served with.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_diet_skewer2More Skewers! The Huli Huli Hawaiian Chicken had a flavor that’s more familiar, perhaps reminiscent to the stuff that we have from local barbecue joints. They also made fish more fun to eat in skewer form the Miso Marinated Fish Kebab had the deep and earthy flavor of the miso permeate through every piece of the fish. They served it with some garlic button mushrooms for that umami kick in flavor.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_diet_fritataThere’s also the Malunggay and Bacon Frittata which is very good since malunggay is one of the few veggies that I actually enjoy eating. Don’t get the primarily green hue fool you as this fluffy egg dish is packed with flavor and savory goodness with the pieces of bacon mixed in.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_beef_mechadoI also liked their Beef Mechado  with the meat coocked well and succulent and covered with a rich tomato based sauce, to be honest I found myself craving for rice while eating this but the bowl of their veggie soup with pesto was the savior as its warm and comforting goodness filled me up fast.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_diet_gambasTheir Shrimp Gambas is a real eye candy, and the good thing is it tasted as good as it looked. Plump pieces of shrimp covered with a nice thick sauce it’s flavor was rich and the drippings from the crustaceans was the perfect sauce to mop it and smear with the sauteed asparagus.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_korean_beef_bbqNow this is really good! Pieces of Korean Beef Barbecue that’s a delightful mix of sweet and savory, while the meat was more on the lean side and I prefer my grilled meat fatty, it was okay since the flavor was just fantastic and I love the kangkong in sesame dressing that it’s served with. So good!!!

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_chicken_picattaBut my top pick from the dishes that I tried while on their South Beach diet program was this Chicken Picatta, pieces of chicken breast laid in this bright and rich buttery sauce that has that nice hint of citrus from the lemon and the capers for added flavor. This would pair really well with any type of side dish and something that I’d love to eat even on a regular day.

the_sexy_chef_ph_south_beach_chocolate_mousseAnd a big YES! They also serve desserts in this diet program! These shooters of Chocolate Mousse was a real treat, the texture was rich and velvety and the base wasn’t too sweet, in fact it’s more on the dark / bittersweet side which I love. They actually have a line of Healthy Indulgence Desserts that are all gluten-free and dairy-free.

A week of South Beach Diet from The Sexy Chef is a real experience, now I’m not going to lie, the first two to three days were a real challenge since my body was still getting used to these smaller servings of food which is far from my usual heavy meals. Diet food doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless, I actually liked all the meals that I tried and the helpful staff from their hotlines were so very helpful.

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