Stay, Wine, and Dine at Oakwood Premier Manila

STAY, WINE, AND DINE – Ever crave for a staycation? A retreat from everything stressful, a break from the fast paced lifestyle that we have. Why not stay and have a grand time at one of the more famous serviced apartments in Manila? Have a little R and R time with some good amenities that rivals even some 4 / 5-star hotels in the metro.


Enjoy a fabulous staycation at Oakwood Premier Manila and savor some good food and wine.

An aperitif of light, crisp and refreshing white and some dainty looking appetizer before the dinner. Really enjoyed those little rolls of chewy flat bread and smoked salmon layered with cream cheese and then topped with caviar. The parma ham rolls are good too, something light and savory to whet your appetite before indulging to the more filling entrees of the dinner.


Start the sumptuous meal with a warm and comforting bowl of their soup of the day. When we visited they served this really nice shrimp bisque that’s just loaded with flavor, delightfully thick and really packs loads of flavor from the well-loved crustacean. It’s topped with nice little crisp spiced croutons that give it a nice tinge of crunch in between spoonfuls.

The soup happens to pair well with some baguette, a little bit of butter and savor that slightly chewy outer bits, dip it in the soup to soak up some of that rich seafood goodness and into your mouth for a simple and delightful treat.

For the main course you have three choices;


US STRIPLOIN – char grilled US Striploin served with truffle mashed potato and sauteed spring veggies and bearnaise sauce, do ask for medium rare doneness to fully appreciate the tender meat and its natural flavors, the truffled mash was fantastic, creamy with a hint of earthiness that pairs really well with the steak, if you have have the excess fatty trimming on the side of the steak toasted. YES! Toasted steak fat FTW!!


SURF AND TURF – Char grilled beef tenderloin and jumbo tiger prawn served with truffle mashed potato and sauteed spring veggies with bearnaise and mushroom sauce. A tenderloin steak is one of the more plain and simple among the meat cuts, there’s not much fat in it but it’s loved for how naturally tender the steak cut is, specially if cooked right. Here its topped with this rich sauce of bearnaise and specks of mushroom that gives it that added kick of flavor, and then topped with with this plump, juicy tiger prawn that adds a nice bit of richness to the steak when paired together.


NORWEGIAN SALMON – char grilled norwegian salmon with truffle mashed potato and sauteed spring vegetables with maitre d’ butter


It’s no secret that I’m partial to salmon, oh I love its natural flavor and delicate, flaky and fatty texture. So as much I’d love to go for the two other entrees with steak, I got this gorgeous piece of char grilled norwegian salmon, top had this nice grilled marks and slightly toasted side and as I dive my fork down I got treated to this flaky and delicate salmon bits and then a bit of the creamy and rich truffled mashed potato and some more buttery goodness from the veggies. This pairs really well with the white wine they have that had this crisp finish to it and a very light and refreshing flavor.


NEW ZEALAND VANILLA ICE CREAM  – topped with hot chocolate sauce and a piece of chocolate dipped french maracon


This is a cure for my never ending obsession with warm-and-cold desserts! A scoop of vanilla ice cream served with this rich, and warm chocolate sauce. Now this is a real treat, a combination that’s so simple but just works well and definitely is a wonderful sweet ending to our lovely dinner. The chocolate sauce was almost fudge-like, insanely decadent and rich and then you hit it with the cold relief of that scoop of vanilla ice cream! There’s also a nice little chocolate dipped french macaron on the side. This is really good!

This dinner was a preview of Oakwood Premier Manila’s Stay, Wine, and Dine Promotion that will run until the 30th of September. Enjoy a nice staycation with a sumptuous Premium Cuts and Catch dinner wtih wine pairing.


STAY, WINE, and DINE Promo Inclusions:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Three-course dinner for two with two glasses of wine
  • 25% discount on buffet breakfast
  • Complimentary WiFi internet access
  • Access to heated indoor pool and gym
  • Raffle prize upon check-in

oakwood_premier_manil_stay_wine_dine_3 oakwood_premier_manil_stay_wine_dine_2

Now here’s my problem, I use a telephoto lens when photographing food and I forgot to bring my other lens to take a decent picture of the suite (I’ll need a kit lens / wide angle lens for that). Photos of the suite are from the website of Oakwood Premier Manila. I love their suites, very spacious with 182 sqm floor area. The suite has a king-sized bed in the master bedroom, queen bed in the 2nd bedroom and twin beds in 3rd bedroom, home entertainment system, three separate bathrooms. And the bathrooms of the suite, I really like, why? Because they have a 20-inch LCD TV in front of the tub. So might as well take a leisurely soak in the tub while watching your favorite shows – AWESOME!

I think this is a great deal, their amenities and the spacious suites are pretty impressive and you get to indulge on a nice Premium Cuts and Catch dinner with it.


Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila

17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasic City
(02) 637-7888
Official Website
Facebook Page


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