Steak Night at Platters of the Americas Themed Buffet of Corniche

DIAMOND HOTEL’S CORNICHE – While most of the hotel buffets in the metro have a luscious spread of primarily seafood for this month, Corniche decides to whip out a feast for the meat lovers, imagine ribeye and other gorgeous steak cuts for your enjoyment being the focus of the buffet spread along with some American comfort food staples.

corniche_diamond_hotel_featured_posterAwesome steak from the barbie, and an awesome carving station with prime rib and ham, had an awesome steak night dinner here.corniche_diamond_hotel_salmonOf course aside from the steaks, you still have access to the other dishes in the spread, now it’s no secret that I’m partial to salmon and this Grilled Salmon Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce hits the spot. Fatty, flaky salmon fillet pieces in a buttery sauce this and some of the steak cuts makes for a great surf and turf plate.

corniche_diamond_hotel_cornThere’s also some great sides too, this in particular I enjoyed very much with the stuff from the grill and carving station. Golden Corn Simmered in Milk had a great creamy mouth-feel that just goes well with the naturally sweet flavor of the kernels

corniche_diamond_hotel_burgerThere’s also these Mini Angus Beef Burger Patty in Buns that are quite the treat, well cooked burger patties, a bit of cheddar and some BLT. I love that it’s more or the smaller / slider side and is just great to snack on.

corniche_diamond_hotel_steak1 corniche_diamond_hotel_steak2And the star of our dinner, an unlimited fill of their Angus steaks from the grill, of course I went for the ribeye most of the time and had them cook it to medium rare doneness. They also have other steak cuts in tenderloin, t-bone, striploin and some other stuff from the grilling station. You can also savor the steaks with a variety of sauce; garlic chimichurri, cracked peppercorn, bleu cheese, garlic butter, and hickory barbecue.

corniche_diamond_hotel_prime_ribThey also have some prime rib from the carving station, a huge hunk of meat that’s beautfully charred along the edges and had a nice strong meat flavor to it with a faint hint of smoky flavor, this and some roasted potatoes and that sweet corn goes well together.

corniche_diamond_hotel_hamThey also have some whole Ham Leg available for carving, oh I just love the sweet, caramelized edges yielding a nice flavorful meat, you can opt to eat it with some glaze, but for me the meat is quite flavorful and I tend to enjoy it on its own and maybe with some bread.

The Platter of the Americas themed buffet at Corniche is available every Friday and is priced at P2,550 nett per person.

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