Stick With Their Pastries! When You Visit Casa Feliz

Went all the way to Marikina last sunday to show some support for an event with a couple of college buddies. We were supposed to try Something Kind of Wonderful Cafe but it was close, bloody munchpunch decided to give misleading information saying it’s open on Sunday and we paid the price. *sorry rant*

So we ended up with Casa Feliz.

I’ve been always fondled by houses that are converted to a restaurant, because most often than not, they serve food that is plausible. Sadly it was not the case here, well at least for their main entrees.

Since they offer food items that are considerably affordable we decided to try a few. We got their Casa Burger, Tuna Sandwich, Club Casa, Carbonara, Beef Lasagna, and Meaty Pizza.

Casa Burger (P95)
Tuna Sandwich (P68)
Carbonara (P84)

To cut a long story short, we pretty much got what we paid for, the food items was so-so.

Club Casa(P94)

Their Club Casa is their version of a clubhouse sandwich, with layers stuffed with chicken, ham, and egg. Be mindful not to let the bread cool down too much because by then it would be too hard, the fries were good though.

Club Casa (P94)

Although it took them a long time to serve the fries of our other sandwich orders.

Beef Lasagna (P91)

I’m a big fan of lasagna so I was a bit picky, it was just lacking, with the flavor and even the meat itself.

But my biggest disappointment was their Meaty Pizza.

Meaty Pizza (P230)

It all comes down to it’s basic component the dough, and in this case, it was like munching on a toasted bread. 🙁

But hey it’s a pastry shop so I gave it a try and went for their Vido Verde that is their version of Pistachio Sansrival.

Vido Verde (P90)
Vido Verde (P90)

Their version of Pistachio Sansrival was definitely a winner! It was my saving grace during our visit, thus the title of the post. Stick with their pastries, after all their a pastry shop.

I like that it’s not too sweet and munching it was just a bliss.

VERDICT: Might go back for pastries, don’t even bother with the main entrees.

VALUE FOR MONEY: As I’ve said, you’ll get what you pay for, the main entrees were so-so but it’s cheap. Just go for their pastries and you’ll be fine.


Casa Feliz, Marikina

95 Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos
Marikina City, Metro Manila
(02) 933-6653

7 thoughts on “Stick With Their Pastries! When You Visit Casa Feliz”

  1. Some Kind Of Wonderful Cafe is open every sunday. But i think they open a little late, usually 12:00 or 12:30pm and they close at 10:00pm

  2. My friend and I were one of the first customers at place (since we live like 5 minutes away), and the food wasn’t so bad then. I guess it’s just something they haven’t worked on since as you said, they are a pastry shop and all their pastries are damn good. Good place to grab merienda (read coffee and cake).

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