Supaaaa Happy with Ramen Bar!

Went to Ramen Bar (Eastwood) after our escapade in Marikina, sadly they were full so I was left alone 🙁

The place was nice with adequate and playful music, love the Ramen artworks on the walls!

Next was the choise of ramen, there were a number of offerings but was attracted to one in particular because of the chasyu and tamago.

Ramen Bar Menu

Imagine a soft-boiled egg that was marinated in 48 hours. You should agree that would be delectable!

So, I tried their SUPER Chasyu Ramen.

Super Chasyu Ramen (P380)
Super Chasyu Ramen (P380)

read: soy infused tonkotsu ramen topped with overflowing slices of chasyu and tamago

The ramen was just splendid, really enjoyed the melt-in-your mouth goodness not only of the egg but the chasyu as well. The meat slices has nice meat-to-fat ratio and was definitely flavorful.

But what I really love was the soft boiled egg (tamago)

Gotta love that egg!

I really wanted more of that tamago goodness, but realized I was getting a bit full and reserved space for desserts 😀

They offer choices for extra topping:

– 3 slices of chasyu for (P80)
– tamago (P50)
– corn and butter (P50)

For dessert decided to go for their Tempure Ice Cream!

Tempura Ice Cream (P120)

Yes it’s fried ice cream! It’s good and served its purpose. Kept teasing the kid at the other table when he was asking her mom to buy him the tempura ice cream >:)

VERDICT: The place would definitely go on top of my list the next time I craved for ramen! Loved the food and the place, great service too! Definitely a must try for those ramen aficionado!

VALUE FOR MONEY: Good value for money, the serving (ramen) can be shared for two.

Ramen Bar, Eastwood

Unit 1880-4A G/F Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez Jr Ave., Quezon City

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