Sweet, Smoky, and Hot: 5 New Dishes to Try at Chili’s

Three distinct flavors, bold combinations and 5 new dishes. New stuff to try at Chili’s. Available for a limited time only, these new dishes is their attempt to break stray away from classic dishes, being more playful with the flavor profile and texture of each dish.

chilis_sm_megamall_featured_posterTried all of them and really liked each one, here’s a rundown of the new dishes, new favorites from their new menu, I really hope they make these stuff a permanent thing as most of the dishes are very good!


SMOKED GARLIC SIRLOIN –  tender smoked sirloin with roasted garlic, served with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies drizzled with sweet and smoky honey-chipotle sauce

chilis_sm_megamall_smoked_garlic_sirloin2Starting with a personal favorite, you know that I’m a shameless meat lover and how I love my steaks and their Smoked Garlic Sirloin did not disappoint. A piece of well cooked steak (medium rare is my preferred cooking temperature) topped with roasted garlic bits that turn their flavor to this sweet and nutty delight and then drizzled with that oh-so-awesome honey-chipotle sauce. GOOD!


PULLED PORK CORN CAKES – fresh grilled corn cakes topped with tender pork carnitas, honey chipotle sauce, pickled red onions, cumin lime sour cream, queso and fresh silantro

Now if you love pulled pork like I do, you’ll absolutely love this dish! Starts with something so simple, I love the texture and mouth-feel from the grilled corn cakes making a perfect base for all the deliciousness that goes on top of it – layers of awesome flavors and texture from tender pulled pork pieces, that addicting honey-chipotle and then you hit the pickled onions and the spiced sour cream and silantro giving that nice refreshing kick. SO GOOD! This one’s a must-try!


ANCHO RUBBED TILAPIA – flaky tilapia seasoned with spicy ancho chili paste drizzled with citrus chile sauce, topped with corn succotash and sprinkled queso and fresh silantro served over Chili’s rice with steamed fresh vegetables

Now this is a dish that packs a punch in flavor and I was very surprised that I really, really liked it.  The star of the dish is that perfectly cooked piece of tilapia covered in this slightly spicy ancho chili paste and topped with corn and those other stuff that gives it a bit of sweetness and refreshing flavor to balance the spice. The piece of fish is just so perfect with their rice, left me wanting for more. GOOD!


SWEET MUSTARD SEED BABY BACK RIBS – tender pork ribs basted in sweet smoky barbecue sauce made with mustard seeds, honey, and worcestershire sauce, served with golden homestyle fries and corn

Sweet, sticky, and smoky ribs that’s best eaten with your hands. Fall off the bone tender pork ribs covered in this sweet and smoky barbecue sauce with the flavor enough to permeate through each piece of the meat. Paired with their fantastic fries and some sweet corn. It’s a beautiful, delicious mess that’s best eaten with your hands.


APPLE BERRY COBBLER – chili’s cinnamon apples and blackberries underneath a warm house made nut crumble topping, served with vanilla ice cream and cramel drizzle

chilis_sm_megamall_apple_berry_cobbler2You know I have a never-ending obsession with warm and cold type of desserts and this sweet tooth treat hits the right spot, almost like a deconstructed apple pie with a few berries mixed in. I love anything with cinnamon and those apples are just fantastic with the sweet nut crumble topping that reminded me of a very good streusel topping. The base is warm and comforting and then paired with the cold and subtly sweet relief of the ice cream, heaven in your mouth!

I really, really liked all the stuff from this new menu of Chili’s, these dishes are available for a limited time only and I do hope that they make it a regular on the menu because they are very good, flavor combinations that just works and well made palatable dishes.

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