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Korean BBQ Feast at Bulgogi Brothers (+ Giveaway)

Bulgogi Brothers released some new Barbecue Specials for their Manila and Davao branches. Good for sharing platters of meat and seafood goodness that will cater the carnivorous cravings of most foodies. A treat for anyone that wants to savor something hearty, meaty, and comforting as you ‘d likely satisfy your barbecue cravings with a variety of platters and indulge yourself with good food.


This is their signature Pork Belly (Tong Samgyeopsal) A korean favorite of pork belly chunks a citrus-bulgogi sauce base. Almost all of the BBQ sets we tried are lip smacking more rice, more fun kind of dish. It was inevitable, to gorge oneself with all the meaty goodness and countless cups of rice, I think I had five of them.

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Bulgogi Brothers: Good Korean Food Fix!

I’ve been reading a lot of good write-ups about Bulgogi Brothers, mostly raving recommendations so I’ve been wanting to try it for quite some time. Recently they opened a new branch at Harbor Point Mall, Subic so we did a little road trip and had lunch at their Subic branch.

This is their Premium Boneless Short Ribs, what’s awesome is; it taste as good as it looks. Continue reading Bulgogi Brothers: Good Korean Food Fix!