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10 New Dishes to Try at Black Olive Capitol Commons

BLACK OLIVE – One of the original restaurant that opened in the Capitol Commons area before – I really liked their simple, no non-sense approach to food. Last week we went back to try their new dishes and here’s some of my favourites. Giving you a list of 10 New Dishes when you visit at Black Olive, Capitol Commons.

black_olive_paella10. BLACK OLIVE PAELLA – The deep flavour of their paella starts with a good sofrito that’s made of aromatic ingredients that builds up the flavour that marries well with the seafood bits that it’s cooked with. It’s filling, flavourful and definitely filling. Continue reading 10 New Dishes to Try at Black Olive Capitol Commons

Lovely Dinner at 22 Prime of Discovery Suites Ortigas

22 Prime at Discovery Suites Ortigas – I had a lovely dinner here the other night, an indulgent meal that showcases their specialty dishes that they crafted specially for the upcoming holidays. Been hearing a lot of great things about this place from foodie friends and I’m very happy that I was able to try their food and other offerings last night. A fun night of good food and wine as well as bespoke cocktails by Enzo Lim.

22_prime_discovery_suites_prime_ribeye1A piece of USDA Angus Prime Ribeye served with a velvety purple potato puree and some green peppercorn sauce for that bit of zing. Fatty, and beautifully cooked with nice toasted bits on all the right places – a sure treat to us steak lovers.
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Cucina at Marco Polo Manila goes Spanish with La Catalana

MARCO POLO MANILA – Cucina the hotel’s all day dining ala carte and buffet restaurant dives into a Spanish food festival in time of the arrival of their new executive chef, Lluis Cantons Pesarrodona and he brings to Manila some of his favourite family recipes of simple but very good Catalan food.

cucina_marco_polo_manila_ortigas_paellaThe star of our lunch and the preview of this La Catalana food festival was undoubtedly the chef’s Paella Mixta. I love how he shares what he things is the secret to this festive dish. “Paella should have a little bit of everything but nothing in excess”. Not only is this paella a true eye-candy with my eyes glued to those carabinero / big head red prawns that they flew in from Spain, it actually very good as well. Continue reading Cucina at Marco Polo Manila goes Spanish with La Catalana

New Lunch Specials at Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse recently launched a number of new lunch specials, some new and exciting palatable dishes along with familiar favorites. They also started a promotion for the 16th anniversary of their Glorietta branch where you can savor all of their burger treats at 50% off (available all weekdays of  May).

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_featured_posterThis is the best-seller from the new lunch items and understandably so as it’s very good, so simple and well prepared Brick Chicken with a flavorful, slightly tangy sauce. Continue reading New Lunch Specials at Outback Steakhouse

Hefty Foodie’s Quick Bites and Random Cravings: NutriRite Cereal Drink

Reviving my quick bites and random cravings series of post with this new instant cereal drink that I’ve been snacking on recently. Brought in by a big food and beverage brand, Food Empire the NutriRite cereal drink comes in three flavors; original, oats and honey, and low fat.


This has replaced some of my usual heavy breakfast meals lately, it’s quick and easy to prepare, and surprisingly filling. Continue reading Hefty Foodie’s Quick Bites and Random Cravings: NutriRite Cereal Drink

CROQUE: New Neighborhood Cafe + Bakery in Makati

I’ve been curious about this new neighborhood cafe and bakery for a while and finally got to try their food last year when Zomato asked me to do a food photography workshop for some of their users. It was my first time to do a tutorial / workshop and I tried to keep it simple, taught them the basics about exposure and how to experiment on your lighting and tried my best to be more hands-on with the tips and kind of guide them along the way. Kudos to zomato for wanting to improve the quality of photos from their users and I was honored and happy to help.

CROQUE is a place to get your comfort food fix – from their all-day breakfast staples, pasta, and more filling dishes – food here is simple. The place is cozy with nice chairs and booths with textured wooden tables that make for this charming warm ambiance. Racks of freshly made bread and a dainty bar with an open kitchen serves as a focal point upon entering the place.

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Kouign Amann by Cicou – Fantastic Dessert Creations that Will Blow Your Mind!

Kouign Amann are desserts made in food heaven, the first time I tried this delectable sweet tooth treat was at a degustation, where I met Chef Cyrille Soenen of Impressions and Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills, during that dinner we tried the classic and the chocolate version of their kouign amann and I’m telling you it was love at first bite. It was just these layers of butter, flaky pastry and sugar the base was just fantastic! Reminded me of a really good croissant / puff pastry but only more rich and decadent it’s really a treat. I’ve been wanting to go to their restaurant in Greenhills for quite some time but failed since I don’t usually go to that area but I’ve been craving for it since. So imagine my happiness and excitement when they launch this new pastry shop that sells kouign amann and its many permutations! Went there right away to treat myself a box – which I devoured in one seating after I took pictures of them for the feature. 😀


They have a number of variants for the sweet tooth treat; from the more basic but equally satisfying toppings to the more premium ones and the more complex savory variants. Personal favorites are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Caramel, and Chorizo

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COOKIE MONSTERS HEAVEN: Scout’s Honor at Hole in the Wall

SCOUT’S HONOR – A new craft cookie place that you should definitely check out! If you love desserts, a self-proclaimed cookie monster or anyone that’s just always in the lookout for good food, do try this new concept spearheaded by two young and talented chefs, Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla. Choose from a variety of their Scout’s Cookie, get to know their classic, signature cookie creations, they also have a gorgeous milk bar and an awesome craft cookie / make-your-own-cookie option. GOOD STUFF!


Happiness! Yes these cookies looks and tastes good, a rack full of their signature scout’s cookies and on the background is a savory one. Craft Cookie with gouda cheese, spam (tocino), and a herb shortbread base? BIG YES!!!

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Yoree Korean Dining at The Forum BGC

YOREE KOREAN DINING – A new restaurant at The Forum BGC, that area’s fast becoming a go-to place for us foodies, a lot of really good restaurants opened there and yoree’s one of them. A place that specializes on charcoal barbecued meats and seafood table-side and the art of Hansik that directly translates to a full course Korean meal. A sure treat from their nice little plates of banchan to the more exquisite premium meats for grilling and a number of other hearty dishes.


I find the grilling of the meats and seafood table-side to be the most appetizing part of my dining experience at Yoree, on the picture are strips of grilling fatty wagyu belly, the aroma it exudes is just irresistible. We tried two of their lunch sets for that full hansik experience.

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