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Go-En Ramen Shop in Quezon City

GO-EN Ramen Shop – A nice legit Japanese Ramen Shoppe that serves some of the most unique and very good bowls of ramen treats that I’ve had in the Quezon City area. Owned by a couple that is still based in Japan, their recipes are authentic with some unique dishes that you’ll probably won’t find anywhere else. This is definitely my new favourite ramen place in the North.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_cheese_ramenA personal favourite from the stuff that we tried, their Cheese Ramen. A lovely miso base and the nice springy noodles and then there’s that mound of cheese and underneath than mountain of creamy goodness is actually ground pork, then there’s some sweet corn and aji-tamago mixed in – heaven in your mouth! This is super good, a bit on the heavy side because of the rich and very flavourful soup base and as the grated cheese mixes and melts into the soup base it becomes more thick and creamy. A definite must-try! Continue reading Go-En Ramen Shop in Quezon City