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3 New Dishes to try at Ippudo Ramen

Ippudo Ramen in SM Megamall has been a big hit as a lot of people actually still line up for their ramen bowls of comfort. Recently we revisited the place to sample some of their new dishes, and I must say it tops my favorites from the restaurant, specially their new ramen variant that has both miso and tonkotsu in its soup base.

ippudo_ramen_sm_megamall_feature_posterThree new dishes that you should definitely check out, a meat lover’s dream for a ramen bowl with the intense flavor of miso and that creamy texture of tonkotsu as the base, a killer fried chicken bun that honestly tops their famed pork variant, and a deep fried gyoza. Continue reading 3 New Dishes to try at Ippudo Ramen