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Corner Tree Cafe: Lunch Without the Usual Suspects

It’s no secret that I love everything that’s sinful, fatty, and meaty. Most often than not, I go for all the usual pampabata stuff as I’m the happiest when I get to munch on those. One gloomy afternoon though, I decided to have lunch at this nice, meek restaurant and cafe along Jupiter Street, Corner Tree Cafe — It’s not my usual quick lunch fix as they specialize on the healthy stuff; vegan and vegetarian options that’s quite appealing.

corner_tree_cafe_chocolate mousse with dark toblerone_posterNow I have to reward myself after eating all that good, healthy food right? So I gorged on this! Their Chocolate Mousse with Dark Toblerone. A very simple sweet tooth treat; rich and chocolate-y I just couldn’t get enough.

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A Place of Two Extremes – PINO and PIPINO

This culinary gem from Quezon City now thrills foodies from the Makati Area since they opened last month at Jupiter Street. I’ve wanted to try their food long before I started this blog. You see we have a little foodie group at the office and we usually go to places and try a bunch of restaurants, and whenever we go to the QC area PINO’s been on our list of go-to’s but unfortunately, for some reason it’s closed whenever we go at there. So imagine my excitement when they finally opened a branch at Jupiter Street, Makati. With some other exciting new restaurants budding at the area I believe it’s on its renaissance becoming one hot food destination once again.

As much as I want to stuff myself with the oh-so-awesome artery-clogging dishes of PINO, we can’t really pass on the chance to try its counterpart, PIPINO that’s a haven for all thing vegan; meaning no animal byproduct. Oh yeah, that night I was a traitor to my bacon-loving brethren and tried vegan dishes. 😀

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COVA Tapas y Sangria: Good Food and Killer Drinks!

Since COVA opened last January, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it, mostly raves about the food and the killer drinks, we had dinner there the other night, where we stuffed ourselves with some really good food; some tapas, LOTS of sangrias, and a mouthwatering Cochinillo to top it off. One amazing dinner.

First WOW of the dinner their take on steak tartare, the Tartar de Toro, an awesome combination of flavor and texture, you’ll love the chorizo infused migas, so good!

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Started My Day with Nutella Indulgence

I can’t think of a better way to start my day than to indulge in one of my favorite comfort food, nutella :p

Last Friday night, Diane told me she wanted to try that beignet from my post about Paris Delice.

So I insisted on going with her. (lame excuse to munch on that nutella beignet)

Then I got an awesome idea, a couple of restaurant visits where I’ll try all things nutella! Sounds good to me! So off we go.

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