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#CocktailCollab at Long Bar of Raffles Makati

COCKTAIL COLLAB  – A new dining offer at the Long Bar of Raffles Makati where guests and diners will be treated to bespoke cocktails prepared by their award winning bartenders. Basically you choose your flavour and liquor preference,  the procedure / methods for the cocktail and you get to choose on what glass they’ll serve it and finally the name of the cocktail, how cool is that?!

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_9BACON! Yes a bacon cocktail! And it’s actually really good – pieces of smoked bacon, black label, dissarono and green chartreuse. It had these nice smoky notes running in the background and then that amaretto flavour hits you along with the refreshing base to balance the nose and palate. GOOD! Continue reading #CocktailCollab at Long Bar of Raffles Makati

Bar Chows and other Palatable Dishes at The Long Bar

Aside from the extensive array of killer drinks and cocktails, The Long Bar at Raffles Makati launched a new power lunch menu called The Long and Short of It consisting some very palatable dishes, from small bites like the bar chows to some really promising entrées. One may indulge on their ala carte dishes or the special tailored set menu; choice of one appetizer and one main course.


This is their Steak Frites  – a gorgeous slab of wagyu flank steak served with fries and and a rich, earthy and peppery mushroom sauce. One of my favorites from the entrées we got.

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Drinks at the Long Bar

Recently Fairmont and Raffles Hotel opened at the Ayala Center, and I’ve wanted to try the new restaurants that they launched with it. One of them is the Long bar. A casual dining place that serves amazing beverages along with a really nice laid back ambiance.

Complimentary nuts for the drink, and you might think why would I use this as the cover picture for the post right? Well there’s this nice story behind it. There are a total of 9 Raffles Hotel now and we’re only the second one to have a Long Bar, nice right? As for the story behind the nuts, Long Bar originated in Singapore that’s a communist country. And they have this tradition at the Long Bar there to throw the nut shells on the floor after munching on it, at the bar it’s a free zone, they can do everything they want and stuff so for them it’s rather a simple rebellious act, Cool!

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