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Back at HEAT: ASEAN Food Festival at EDSA Shangri-la

And we’re back at HEAT! One of EDSA Shangri-la Manila‘s signature buffet restaurant. I remember trying their buffet a couple of years back, long before I started the blog, and I’m a big fan of their dessert creations back then. And now I’m back to sample their recently launched food festival called Magical Malaysia, that will showcase dishes popular to ASEAN countries. This particular food festival will run for two weeks. Most of the inspiration for the dishes of the buffet spread are sourced from the recently launched ASEAN Culinary Delights Cookbook that’s also available at HEAT


Dishes of bold flavors and spices, from beef rendang to my personal favorite sinigang sa miso, and crab fat rice. Promising dishes for diners to savor, a buffet spread of diverse cuisines from the ASEAN region.

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