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Manong’s Bagnet Haven

Manong’s Bagnet Station – A simple diner just a stone’s throw away from Tomas Morato serving one of the best bagnet I had in recent memory. They take this well-loved crispy pork dish very seriously, having perfected this sinfully indulgent treat. The place is quite simple and actually has a more carinderia feel to it. Upon entering you get a familiar smell of the pork cooking,  and to a meat lover like me it was definitely hunger inducing. It’s a haven for almost everything pork and specifically an abundance of dishes that utilize bagnet and all its fatty, crispy, and meaty glory.

Like I said they have perfected their bagnet, it presents with this beautiful glisten to the fatty bits, and a decent meat to fat ratio. Oh just look at that, the seemingly really crispy crackle and tender meat and fatty bits.
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