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Lunch at SAILS: The All-day Dining Restaurant of Movenpick

First stop on our recent trip to Cebu, we tried SAILS, the all-day dining restaurant of Movenpick. A place that serves contemporary comfort food with a mix of specialties that’s built on international flavors. We just had a quick lunch here, a sampling of the hotel’s food gives me a good impression right off the bat, simple and well executed.

I was in the mood with something that’s a bit gamy at that time so I tried this; Braised Lamb Shank sitting in a lovely combination of edamame and rosemary reduction. A nice touch of richness that cuts through the gaminess of the meat.
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Churrasco Feast at the Ibiza Beach Club

A feast like no other, a churrasco experience that’s far from anything we have here in Manila; indulgence of pure meat and seafood glee. That’s what I had in Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Hotel, Mactan Island, Cebu. Undoubtedly the highlight of my recent trip to the region. Fourteen courses of unparalleled enjoyment of all things grilled, either meat or seafood, each course as impressive as the next, I was utterly blown away.


A personal favorite among the stuff we had, grilled lamb chops, oh perfection; tender, succulent, ever so flavorful. I could go on and on with praises on how good this was but this was really the star of the feast perfectly seasoned with olive, peppercorn and fresh thyme. It was definitely love at first bite for me, eye-popping, mind blowingly good. If not for the other thirteen courses of their churrasco buffet, I would’ve gorgeĀ  on these beauties that’s perfectly matched with their red wine butter and chimichurri and enjoy it with those heaps of garlic rice that it’s served with.

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