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Sultry Tapas at the Ibiza Beach Club

Now you might be familiar of the Ibiza Beach Club, I wrote a feature about it a few weeks ago. Their churrasco buffet was truly the highlight of my recent Cebu trip, an overwhelming feast of  meat and seafood. But there’s more to the restaurant than their famed churrasco buffet, they serve some really nice tapas and other ala carte dishes too. A fun night of small plates of sultry tapas, good wine, and good times with some of my favorite people.



Grilled Lamb Skewers marinated and cumin topped with bits of feta cheese to add that pop of flavor, notes of creamy, savory subtleties. Traces of earthy notes accentuate the gamy meat, meat that’s very tender with some nice trimmings of fat. Then you hit the chunks of cheese and some roughly chopped mint and it gives this other layer of flavor, a nice contrast with the meat that’s perfectly paired with the dip it comes with. Continue reading Sultry Tapas at the Ibiza Beach Club

Lunch at SAILS: The All-day Dining Restaurant of Movenpick

First stop on our recent trip to Cebu, we tried SAILS, the all-day dining restaurant of Movenpick. A place that serves contemporary comfort food with a mix of specialties that’s built on international flavors. We just had a quick lunch here, a sampling of the hotel’s food gives me a good impression right off the bat, simple and well executed.

I was in the mood with something that’s a bit gamy at that time so I tried this; Braised Lamb Shank sitting in a lovely combination of edamame and rosemary reduction. A nice touch of richness that cuts through the gaminess of the meat.
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