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Lovely Dinner at 22 Prime of Discovery Suites Ortigas

22 Prime at Discovery Suites Ortigas – I had a lovely dinner here the other night, an indulgent meal that showcases their specialty dishes that they crafted specially for the upcoming holidays. Been hearing a lot of great things about this place from foodie friends and I’m very happy that I was able to try their food and other offerings last night. A fun night of good food and wine as well as bespoke cocktails by Enzo Lim.

22_prime_discovery_suites_prime_ribeye1A piece of USDA Angus Prime Ribeye served with a velvety purple potato puree and some green peppercorn sauce for that bit of zing. Fatty, and beautifully cooked with nice toasted bits on all the right places – a sure treat to us steak lovers.
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Rosanjin in SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall)

ROSANJIN РA  nice little Japanese restaurant at Mega Fashion Hall, we had a quick lunch here a couple of weeks ago and tried their tobanyaki and kaminabe dishes. The stuff that we tried were actually quite good, most of them laid in pieces of gooey, melting cheese but all good.

rosanjin_scallop_butteryakiWe started with this Scallop Butteryaki of what they’re claiming to be Hokkaido jumbo scallops topped with uni, ebiko and cooked in butter. It was nice and plump and cooked nicely in lots of butter and then you hit a bit of sweetness from the uni – good. Continue reading Rosanjin in SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall)

Fun Food and Drinks at Happy Hour Manila @happyhourmnl

HAPPY HOUR MANILA РA new bar and restaurant in City Golf Plaza serving some uncomplicated food and drinks. I had dinner here with some foodie friends where we tried almost everything on the menu, cocktails included.

happy_hour_mnl_beary_sour_whiskeyThis is their Beary Sour Whiskey of bourbon + lemon base and that foamy egg white on top with those yummy gummy bears on top. It’s an eye candy of a drink that’s actually quite good. Continue reading Fun Food and Drinks at Happy Hour Manila @happyhourmnl

Authentic Italian Cuisine at Pagliacci

A place built on the sole purpose of giving the locals a taste of Authentic Italian Cuisine. Pagliacci over the years, never strayed from tradition; everything made from scratch, handmade. Food built on simple flavors, menu items with a nice story, and the ambiance of an old standing Italian restaurant.

pagliacci_Tagliatelle Tartufate_poster
This is one of their signature home made pasta, Tagliatelle Tartufate a blend of truffle cream sauce exuding that irresistible earthy aroma, pasta that’s made from scratch; al dente and a bit chewy to the bite, and a good dose of mushrooms that further highlights that earthy flavor, it is really, really good.

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