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7 Must-Try Dishes to Complete your Holiday Feast from Maple at Meranti

These 7 new dishes from Maple at Meranti will definitely complete your noche buena and media noche feasts.

What’s your favorite snack during the Christmas season? Personally I think nothing beats a good and freshly cooked bibingka. There’s just something about these rice cakes that I really like – from the caramelized topping to the various toppings and flavors it brings.

Maple at Meranti’s version of Bibingka  is light with a base slightly reminiscent of a macaron and then it’s topped with strips of coconut and slices of salted duck egg. So good I can finish a set of these mini-bibingka in one seating!

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Go-En Ramen Shop in Quezon City

GO-EN Ramen Shop – A nice legit Japanese Ramen Shoppe that serves some of the most unique and very good bowls of ramen treats that I’ve had in the Quezon City area. Owned by a couple that is still based in Japan, their recipes are authentic with some unique dishes that you’ll probably won’t find anywhere else. This is definitely my new favourite ramen place in the North.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_cheese_ramenA personal favourite from the stuff that we tried, their Cheese Ramen. A lovely miso base and the nice springy noodles and then there’s that mound of cheese and underneath than mountain of creamy goodness is actually ground pork, then there’s some sweet corn and aji-tamago mixed in – heaven in your mouth! This is super good, a bit on the heavy side because of the rich and very flavourful soup base and as the grated cheese mixes and melts into the soup base it becomes more thick and creamy. A definite must-try! Continue reading Go-En Ramen Shop in Quezon City

LIVESTOCK Restaurant: A Haven For All Things PORK

LIVESTOCK Restaurant in Quezon City – A recent discovery, another true mecca for all things PORK. A menu filled with delightful dishes mostly pork (always a good thing in my book). A recent buzz among foodie friends urged us to visit the place; read: crispy pata so tender you can slice it with a popsicle stick. What urged me wasn’t curiosity, it was excitement! A promising take on one of my favorite dish ever, of course I ha to go and try it out.


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Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix

Shifu Masters Kitchen — A meek restaurant along Granada Street in Quezon City (Near Greenhills Town Center and Gilmore) with an odd name. A fairly small place with few tables. Food is surprisingly good! We tried a bunch of stuff from their menu, a feast of bold flavors, and playful takes on some familiar dishes. shifu_masters_kitchen_pata_bihon_poster This is their PATA BIHON — thin noodles exudes a wonderful aroma, served with succulent pork pieces that were fork tender, fatty bits melts in your mouth and gives a burst of flavor. Continue reading Shifu Masters Kitchen — Hole-in-the-wall Chinese Food Craving Fix

Comfort Food Straight From Grandmomma's Kitchen

COMFORT FOOD — that for me, most often than not, directly translates to succulent pieces of meat, fatty bits – the sinful stuff. Recently we tried this meek restaurant at Il Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato. A place that’s called Grandmomma’s Kitchen where they serve some palatable comfort food that’s very simple, all in a laid back, casual dining setup.


This is their Roast Beef — sinful, succulent pieces of meat with the fatty bits melting in your mouth served with a rich mushroom gravy that compliments the flavor packed meat pieces. Simple, slow cooked goodness with every bite.

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Affordable Buffet Fix: Primero Casa Filipino at Quezon City

A charming house that’s converted to a restaurant, and an affordable buffet fix at that. Primero Casa Filipino is just a few blocks away from Tomas Morato. The facade of the restaurant is admirable and some may even think of it as an events place, but it’s a buffet place that won’t hurt your wallet, definitely worth checking out.


Two of my favorite things from the Buffet; Angus Beef Kare-Kare and Porb BBQ Ribs, both sinfully good.

The place is formerly known as Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino, and since the Laudicos are not affiliated with the restaurant anymore, they’ve got a new Chef and totally revamped the buffet spread. For those of you that tried it before, with the Laudico’s dishes, you might want to give this place another try, a much deserved return trip to see what’s changed.

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Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

Recently I went back to Nomama, an awesome foodie destination at the Quezon City area to try their new teppanyaki fair. And oh it’s been a while since I visited the place, the first time their ramen got me raving for it’s awesome bite-y noodles, the broth that had some good balanced flavor, and the tamago, oh that soft-boiled egg that’s been marinated, infused with great flavor, and the way it melts in your mouth is just lovely. nomama_soy-prawn_teppan_with_uni_cream_sauce2This time though, we visited to try their new teppanyaki offerings and this is one of them; Soy-Prawn Teppan that’s bathed with an Uni-Cream sauce. Fresh prawns loaded with flavor made more awesome with the inclusion of this ridiculously rich uni sauce. It’s damn good! Continue reading Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

Backyard Burgers: Best Bang for Your Buck Burger Joint

Went on another food trip at the Quezon City area, this time to try this quaint burger joint across ABS-CBN, some of our foodie friends have been raving about the awesomeness of their burgers.


This is their truffle burger! truffled mushrooms, on a mozzarella stuffed patty, it was really good, one bite and we’re all floored because of its awesomeness!

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Undiscovered Gem: LoLa Cafe + Bar at Quezon City

I’ve been doing food trips long before I started this blog, usually we go to an area and try a bunch of restaurants there. Recently we did another one and did some scouting along the Tomas Morato area and chanced upon this undiscovered gem of a restaurant. The place is called LoLa Cafe + Bar and it’s just gorgeous. It’s a mom-and-pop kind of restaurant that serves really nice comfort food.

lola_cafe_tapa_benedicts1This is their unique take on one of my favorite breakfast staples ever, the eggs benedict. Instead of  the usual ham, bacon or salmon they used succulent strips of tapa, awesome!

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A Place of Two Extremes – PINO and PIPINO

This culinary gem from Quezon City now thrills foodies from the Makati Area since they opened last month at Jupiter Street. I’ve wanted to try their food long before I started this blog. You see we have a little foodie group at the office and we usually go to places and try a bunch of restaurants, and whenever we go to the QC area PINO’s been on our list of go-to’s but unfortunately, for some reason it’s closed whenever we go at there. So imagine my excitement when they finally opened a branch at Jupiter Street, Makati. With some other exciting new restaurants budding at the area I believe it’s on its renaissance becoming one hot food destination once again.

As much as I want to stuff myself with the oh-so-awesome artery-clogging dishes of PINO, we can’t really pass on the chance to try its counterpart, PIPINO that’s a haven for all thing vegan; meaning no animal byproduct. Oh yeah, that night I was a traitor to my bacon-loving brethren and tried vegan dishes. 😀

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Noche Buena Feast at Bagoong Club

I think bagoong’s been a staple for every Filipino table, this condiment that’s made of cured fish  or shrimp’s a well loved ingredient for a lot of our local dishes. Recently we tried Bagoong Club, a restaurant that celebrates the goodness of bagoong with most of their dishes. We tried stuff from their Noche Buena menu, one awesome dinner.


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Fleur De Lys to Cheer Me Up

Since I was a bit frustrated of the results of my first try at food photography (thought I could’ve done better) I was in desperate need of comfort food to cheer me up so I dragged my friends and head to Fleur De Lys at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Nothing beats yummy pastry, a cup of coffee, and good chit-chat with friends 😀

Warm chocolate cake + Vanilla Ice Cream = Great contrast of hot and cold, Happiness 😀

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The Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee at Tomas Morato

Stopped over this inviting pastry shop for that after-meal sweet cravings. Enjoyed a couple of cake slices at an affordable price. 😀

 This one’s called Whoopie, it’s not even on their menu, chocolate cake with marshmallows, choco chip, and cream cheese. You can get it for free for a minimum purchase of P500. Not bad 🙂 Continue reading The Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee at Tomas Morato