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#CocktailCollab at Long Bar of Raffles Makati

COCKTAIL COLLAB  – A new dining offer at the Long Bar of Raffles Makati where guests and diners will be treated to bespoke cocktails prepared by their award winning bartenders. Basically you choose your flavour and liquor preference,  the procedure / methods for the cocktail and you get to choose on what glass they’ll serve it and finally the name of the cocktail, how cool is that?!

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_9BACON! Yes a bacon cocktail! And it’s actually really good – pieces of smoked bacon, black label, dissarono and green chartreuse. It had these nice smoky notes running in the background and then that amaretto flavour hits you along with the refreshing base to balance the nose and palate. GOOD! Continue reading #CocktailCollab at Long Bar of Raffles Makati

Doussants by Raffles / Fairmont: A Worthy Contender to Manila’s Cronuts Scene

FAIRMONT / RAFFLES Makati is known for their amazing desserts, so imagine my excitement upon seeing a particular Facebook post about these lovely sweet tooth treats; they are now making Doussants, yes folks down with the bandwagon and this is their version of the cronut. This hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut has been making a big buzz these days, and with the locals unparalleled love for doughnuts, I think this craze is here to stay.


They’re trying to keep things fresh, assuring quality of their pastries, thus producing a small batch daily; only 200 pieces of these luscious hybrids. Love how the base was like a croissant thin layers of pastry with the edges giving a nice crunch to the bite and as you bite into it yields a nice soft and chewy consistency to boot. Layers of pleasure and indulgence meticulously prepared, it’s kind of amazing how I was able to peel each of the layers admiring the flavors ever so slowly. Varying flavors and texture and then you hit the pastry cream, BAM! Oh utter bliss.

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Afternoon Tea at Writer's Bar

Had some nice afternoon tea at Writer’s Bar. A place that’s styled as a library, taking design influences to its counterpart in Singapore. It’s at the lobby of Raffles Makati. A nice lounge for reading books while enjoying your preferred cup of coffee or tea with an array of small bites.


Afternoon tea time bliss with small bites and Genmaicha 🙂

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