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RASTRO: Sultry Tapas and Killer Drinks

RASTRO Tapas Bar and Restaurant – A meek tapas bar that serves up some really good cocktails and some tapas and other entrees that just exude a homy feel to it, food that’s simple, no frills, and very relate-able. Go here to have a good time, the booze is fantastic, order some tapas and maybe a filling dish or two, some desserts, add that to good company from friends and you have a great recipe for good times.


POLLO IBERICO – chicken that’s been slow-cooked for 24-36 hours in olive oil and garlic cloves, meat that’s fork-tender, oh see that rendered rich, glistening goodness, I love how the tinge of garlic flavor was able to permeate through the meat and the potatoes. You can also try to smear some of the drippings over some crusty bread and maybe mash some of that garlic and it’s all good. Continue reading RASTRO: Sultry Tapas and Killer Drinks