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Salmon Buffet at Corniche

CORNICHE of Diamond Hotel launched a Norwegian Salmon themed buffet with the premise that “one can be healthy and indulgent at the same time”. For the love of its fatty meat and fine texture, I was curious to see the well-loved fish in various permutations so I went there with a very empty stomach, excited to try their succulent spread.


This is their Czech Baked Salmon, an eye candy at their carving station, you’ll be happy to know that it’s as good as it looks. Gorgeous succulent piece of salmon baked til really tender and oozing with all those glorious fatty juices topped with some spices to provide that kick of savory flavor and a bit of spiciness as well. Took a bite and I loved how it was tender and moist then you hit the spice crust and some slaw and it gives a nice tinge of crunch to the bite, hit it with some of their dill sauce and its creamy goodness balances all the flavors, really good!

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