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Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

Recently I went back to Nomama, an awesome foodie destination at the Quezon City area to try their new¬†teppanyaki fair. And oh it’s been a while since I visited the place, the first time their ramen got me raving for it’s awesome bite-y noodles, the broth that had some good balanced flavor, and the tamago, oh that soft-boiled egg that’s been marinated, infused with great flavor, and the way it melts in your mouth is just lovely. nomama_soy-prawn_teppan_with_uni_cream_sauce2This time though, we visited to try their new teppanyaki offerings and this is one of them; Soy-Prawn Teppan that’s bathed with an Uni-Cream sauce. Fresh prawns loaded with flavor made more awesome with the inclusion of this ridiculously rich uni sauce. It’s damn good! Continue reading Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

Undiscovered Gem: LoLa Cafe + Bar at Quezon City

I’ve been doing food trips long before I started this blog, usually we go to an area and try a bunch of restaurants there. Recently we did another one and did some scouting along the Tomas Morato area and chanced upon this undiscovered gem of a restaurant. The place is called LoLa Cafe + Bar and it’s just gorgeous. It’s a mom-and-pop kind of restaurant that serves really nice comfort food.

lola_cafe_tapa_benedicts1This is their unique take on one of my favorite breakfast staples ever, the eggs benedict. Instead of  the usual ham, bacon or salmon they used succulent strips of tapa, awesome!

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