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Rediscovering An Old Favorite: Sentro 1771

We had a scrumptious lunch at one of my favorite Filipino restaurants, Sentro 1771. It’s been a while since I dined at Sentro, well there’s just too many restaurants to try. But recently I heard they revamped their menu, adding some seemingly awesome stuff, I head to their Greenbelt branch to sample some of the new dishes, of course I can’t pass on their classics, their dishes that are more familiar, and perhaps iconic for the restaurant.


SINIGANG NA CORNED BEEF – a staple at Sentro, this is perhaps their most iconic dish, and happens to be one of their best sellers as well. It’s one of my favorites too, really tender beef bits in a bright flavored broth from the brine of the meat; tangy savory goodness. Continue reading Rediscovering An Old Favorite: Sentro 1771