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Freestyle Tapas and Fusion Cuisine at VYNE (@vyne_ph)

VYNE is nice tapas bar, restaurant and lounge tucked at the top floor of the W Global Center in BGC. I think the ambiance here is great; a nice view of the city on its large glass panels, high ceiling and tasteful interiors of artsy murals and a gorgeous looking bar as a focal point of the restaurant. I really thought of the restaurant more of a drinking place, but its actually a nice place to get a decent grub of freestyle tapas and fusion cuisine – familiar dishes with playful takes and interpretation makes for a more pleasurable dining experience.


Pièce de résistance of Ribeye steak, all 600 grams of it, food here is playful and inspired. Great place to hang out and savor some good small plates with drinks (tapas) or go for the more heavy, filling entrees.

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