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New at Yabu: The Don Series Continues with Gyudon

Yabu House of Katsu – Recently they launched new menu items called The Don Series. While I’m partial to the fatty and flaky goodness of their Salmon Don (check out my previous post about their other donburi sets), this one is quite special too as it would be the first beef dish in Yabu. Something that’s familiar, comforting and filling – the third iteration of their donburi sets is the GYUDON.

yabu_don_series_gyudon_featured_posterThicker slices of beef sets this one apart from the others that I’ve tried with the sauce, ginger, and pickled stuff on the side. Continue reading New at Yabu: The Don Series Continues with Gyudon


If you’ve been following Yabu: House of Katsu‘s social media pages for a couple of days there’s been this build up and anticipation about their new dishes – they’re calling it THE DON SERIES and they recently launched it with two new donburi sets, hearty and filling dishes served in a hot stone pot and is a teishoku with the usual refillable sides.

Yabu_Don_Series_Blog_PosterA meaty curry katsu with lots of gooey cheese and the salmon steak of my dreams! Continue reading YABU Launches The DON SERIES WITH TWO DONBURI SETS

Finally! Katsu Feast at YABU

YABU: House of Katsu — Ever since they opened, there seemed to be a ginormous hype (for lack of a better term) about the brand. Countless raves about their katsu dishes left me with very very high expectations for their food, so high that for the longest time, I’ve been looking for another person that have yet to try their katsu offerings, I want to try the food with a clean slate, devoid of any prejudice.


This is their Salmon Katsu, the biggest surprise of our dinner, pieces of fatty, succulent salmon encased in a crispy batter then you hit the centre that’s so tender some of the fatty bits almost melts in your mouth, crazy good!

Continue reading Finally! Katsu Feast at YABU