Sultry Tapas at the Ibiza Beach Club

Now you might be familiar of the Ibiza Beach Club, I wrote a feature about it a few weeks ago. Their churrasco buffet was truly the highlight of my recent Cebu trip, an overwhelming feast of  meat and seafood. But there’s more to the restaurant than their famed churrasco buffet, they serve some really nice tapas and other ala carte dishes too. A fun night of small plates of sultry tapas, good wine, and good times with some of my favorite people.



Grilled Lamb Skewers marinated and cumin topped with bits of feta cheese to add that pop of flavor, notes of creamy, savory subtleties. Traces of earthy notes accentuate the gamy meat, meat that’s very tender with some nice trimmings of fat. Then you hit the chunks of cheese and some roughly chopped mint and it gives this other layer of flavor, a nice contrast with the meat that’s perfectly paired with the dip it comes with.

For something light, you may want to try some of their healthier options.


MARINATED MUSHROOMS (P320) – wild mushrooms, spinach, feta cheese, salsa verde

A mesclun of light wild mushrooms and other greens, layers of texture arise when you hit the mushrooms with the spinach and the feta cheese. A nice balance of earthy and savory flavors.

HUMUS (P300) – grilled flat bread, pumpkin, red beets, chickpea, paprika powder, olive oil

This was surprisingly good. Gorgeous lightly grilled pita bread to be paired in various dips. I really like the pumpkin and chickpea, a paste like texture that’s bursting with flavor, a drizzling of olive oil among the dips gives it this nice glisten and finish. It’s a really simple and fun snack.


ITALIAN MEATBALLS (P340) – beef meatballs, tomato sauce, sheep’s milk cheese

Reconstituted meat whether in tube form or the more usual balls is something that I usually like. These meatballs were really soft, coated by this rich tomato based sauce and finished with shavings of sheep’s milk cheese that gives it  a bit of interesting flavor.


GARLIC SHRIMP (P360) – shrimp, garlic, olive oil, parsley, butter

A combination that almost always works, a trifecta of seafood, butter, and garlic. Plump shrimps ever so tender basted with the rich sauce base that’s oh so buttery. Then you hit the garlic bits balancing the rich flavor of the dish. This was really good, an easy favorite, with the drippings infused with all that goodness you might want to dig in and smear it with bread and it’s all good!


JAMON SERRANO BRUSCHETTA (P320) – serrano ham, manchego cheese, roasted red pepper, baguette pan con tomate

Lightly toasted bread enough to hold a melange of the good stuff. rich tomato pieces giving this bright flavor with a nice hint of sweetness. Then you hit the jamon serrano and the manchego cheese giving a more intense, savory flavor. The right balance of the rich tomato bits and the really flavorful meat and cheese, it pairs really well with wine.

For something that’s a bit more familiar, their Spikey Shau-Mai (P320). Shreds of light, crispy batter envelope this pork dumpling. You get a nice tinge of crunch, varying texture as you bite into the dumpling. Then you hit the meaty filling as it oozes out its meaty goodness. Hit it with the rice wine vinegar that it’s served with to bind all those goodness together.

I was so full during this dinner, I guess a number of small plates and practically finishing a whole serving of the jamon topped bruschetta proofed to be quite filling. But if there’s something that I wouldn’t miss, that’s dessert. For our sweet endings we also tried a few items from their dessert menu.

Their PANNA COTTA (340) presents with this really light consistency that almost melts in your mouth. Then you hit the berry coulis that it’s topped with to give you that spike of flavor, bright and tangy and a bit of more interesting mouth feel and texture. I find myself playing through the various sauces that it’s served with pairing the really creamy base of this awesome sweet tooth treat.

CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE (P380) – A really simple sweet tooth treat of fried dough that’s lightly toasted on the outside and airy, soft and chewy as you bite into it. Then you dip it into this very rich and dark chocolate concoction and the contrast of flavor, texture, and the warm dip against the pastry makes for a good sweet ending to what was an amazing dinner.

I enjoyed having tapas and wine at the Ibiza Beach Club of Movenpick Hotel. Being the shameless meat lover that I am, I’m still partial to their churrasco buffet. But if you’re after a light dinner with friends or anyone where you’d have a nice chitchat over good food and wine? You might want to consider this. Prices on the post are based on their ala carte menu but they also have an 8 course tapas tasting that’s good for sharing (for two) that’s priced at P2,250.


Ibiza Beach Club Cebu

Moevenpick Hotel – Mactan Island Cebu,
Punta Engano, Cebu, 6015
Mactan, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines

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