Tapella by Gaudi at Greenbelt 5: Killer Sangrias, Tapas, and Paella

TAPELLA BY GAUDI – I’ve been meaning to try this place for quite some time now, during dinner time this place is usually packed with diners for drinks and the chuleton that’s carved and cooked table sides looked very promising so I went here for a leisurely lunch on a weekend, a boozy lunch filled with tapas, some paella and that gorgeous steak dish.

tapella_greenbelt_feature_posterTapas + Paella is in the center of the restaurant’s menu and they have some killer cocktails and sangria too.

tapella_greenbelt_sangriaOf course the omnipresence of carafes and glasses of sangria to go with our tapas, tried both the one with red and white wine base and I really liked their Ronin Lychee Sangria that packs an extra punch since it also has sake as its base.


CHISTORRA VASCA – basque chorizo sausage

I love, love Spanish Chorizo! and these sausages were just packed with that awesome savory flavor that I love, nice slightly toasted bits on the outside and then you hit the succulent meat base – and those drippings on the earthen pan, those lovely flavorful juices are packed with flavor too, found myself mopping every bit of it with some crusty bread.


GAMBAS AL AJILLO – garlic sauteed shrimps

Something familiar and a real crowd pleaser – Gambas. Simple and just enough to titillate your taste buds. Plump shrimps in garlic-y goodness. I mixed some of the shrimp pieces with the chorizo and the lovely drippings over some crusty bread and it’s all good.


SALPICADO A MI MANERA – beef salpicado, chef’s way

From one familiar dish to another, tried also their Beef Salpicado of succulent pieces of beef that’s very tender and had this intense flavor that got me looking for rice. Flavorful meat + garlic, you know that combination screams good with rice right?


PULPO A LA GALLEGA – octopus with paprika, sea salt and extra virgion olive oil

I love pulpo! This is a thing of beauty – gorgeous octopus pieces sitting on top of a bed of potatoes. It had a nice bit of spice in it and the flavor was just so simple yet very good. I think I could finish a whole order of this, good stuff.


CROQUETAS VARIADAS – croquettes of ham, salami and mushroom

The croquettes are quite good. Slightly toasted on the outside with that light batter and then you hit the filling of just creamy potato base. I love the earthy flavors from the mushrooms stuffed croquettes, but if you’re more of a meat person – get the one with pepperoni (if you want a bit of spice) and the ham.


TORTILLA ABIERTA CON CHORIZO – open faced omelette with chorizo

This just screams comfort food for me. An omelette that’s made more awesome with the inclusion of chorizo crumbs and all its savory goodness – fluffy egg base meats crunchy salty meat bits, this goes really well with some bread.


CALAMARES EL BULLI – squid with black ink batter

Slightly chewy squid in a light batter with squid ink, this is quite flavorful, packed with umami goodness found myself eating it with some aioli and just a bit of lemon goes a long way. This is a very challenging dish to take pictures of, that’s why I cut some of the pieces so there’d be more color to the shot and also to see the squid.

tapella_greenbelt_chuleton1But to be hones the highlight of our lunch at Tapella was the steak – a thing of beauty, look at all those fatty bits! seasoned really well this is carved and cooked to your preferred doneness table-side


CHULETON VILLAGODIO – certified angus beef prime rib grilled villagodio style

The pieces of meat sizzling away to your preferred cooking temperature, mine was medium rare. This is a fantastic chuleton dish of well seasoned beef and it had the slightest bit of smoky flavor to it. The meat had a lot of fat trimmings and I saved the best for last, toasting the fatty bits and into your mouth for that really flavorful steak fat bliss. This chuleton is a must-try!

tapella_greenbelt_paella_negraOf course we had to order some paella, we tried quite a few but was only able to try two, since I was so focused on munching on the chuleton and the tapas that we had filled me up fast. Started with this Paella Negra that’s really nice and flavorful and topped with pieces of squid. A bit of lemon and some of that creamy aioli to balance the rich flavors this is actually my favorite of the two paella dishes that I was able to try.


ARROZ MANCHEGO – chicken, asparagus, shrimp and manchego cheese paella

This one’s a thing of beauty! Flavorful rice base topped with plump shrimps, chicken and asparagus. The base and the shrimp and chicken toppings was quite good but I wish they use a better quality manchego cheese.

Do save room for some desserts when you dine at Tapella, their sweet tooth treats are quite nice and with affordable prices, it’s a nice way to end the meal.

tapella_greenbelt_tocino_del_cieloI’ll always be partial to Tocino del Cielo, while I love our local leche flan, this is just a leveled up version of the egg yolk based treat that’s infinitely more rich and decadent. This goes well with a nice cup of strong coffee and a simple treat to end our boozy lunch at Tapella.

Tapella by Gaudi

G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 757-2710

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