Taste Asia at Seven Corners – Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

Savor different signature dishes and dining staples from different countries across Asia at Seven Corners. The buffet restaurant of Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria will serve some of our asian food favorites til the end of August.

Seafood Laksa from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

Braving the metro traffic on a rainy night, we went to the restaurant to try some of their signature dishes. This bowl of hot Seafood Laksa just made everything okay. The soup base was lighter than what we usually have but the ability to customize your bowl from the toppings to the noodles is quite nice.

Bibimbap from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila GalleriaThis is Seven Corners’ take on a beloved Korean dish. While Bibimbap is  typically served on a hot bowl, serving it on a sizzling plate provides a similar effect. you still get those nice charred bits for flavor and texture. This is quite nice you can ask them do add more meat / bulgogi pieces to it, add a bit of that chili paste and it’s all good.

Singaporean Chili Crab from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila GalleriaIt was a no-brainer for us to try their version of Singaporean Chili Crabs. The crustacean was cooked well with a faint hint of sweetness that matches the bright and spicy sauce that adhered to every nook and crevice of the crab.

Hainanese Chicken Rice from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila GalleriaA personal favorite, they have a separate station for Hainanese Chicken Rice. A singaporean dish staple of flavorful, aromatic rice with beautifully cooked chicken and the omnipresent three sauces – the black sweet sauce and ginger paste are my favorites. I think they even used yellow chicken for this which is a big plus.

Matcha, Lemon and Mint drink from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Vietnamese Peach tea from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila GalleriaFor refreshments we tried the Matcha Lemon and Mint which is quite different from the usual matcha drinks that I had. The acidity from the lemons with the mint and the earthy flavor from the tea provides a unique and striking balance. The Vietnamese Peach Tea is quite nice and refreshing too and a perfect pair to some of the spicy food from the buffet spread.


Pandan and Macapuno Gelato from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

Matcha and Adzuki (Red Bean) Gelato from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

For sweet endings we got their Matcha and Adzuki (red bean) gelato. Their matcha variant is legit, not overly sweet and you get to enjoy the natural aroma and flavors of the tea base. The red bean gelato provides a nice sweet contrast. For something that’s a bit more familiar, you might want to try the Pandan and Macapuno gelato as they pretty much nailed the flavor and combination of this one.

Sapin-sapin from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila GalleriaBanana Matcha from Seven Corners - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

They also have some local kakanin and the sapin-sapin is the one I enjoyed the most, something about it’s varying chewy texture and taste that’s just the perfect sweet tooth treat. They also have this banana muffin with matcha frosting that’s perfect with a cup of strong coffee.

We really enjoyed the Taste Asia themed buffet at Seven Corners. Hope they do this again soon and hopefully they can incorporate more food staples from the region. Their  next promotion is in celebration of Grandparents Day entitled as, “Grand Discounts for Grandparents”. Grandparents get a discount based on their age when they dine for lunch or dinner accompanied by two (2) paying guests. This promo will run from September 10 to 15, 2017 at Seven Corners.

Seven Corners

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Ortigas Ave. corner Asian Development Bank Ave.
Ortigas Center, Quezon City 1100, Philippines

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