Tempura Tendon Tenya Opens First Store in SM Megamall

TEMPURA TENDON TENYA – One of the more popular tendon restaurant from Japan opens its first store in the Philippines / Manila in SM Megamall. A food staple to the Japanese people you get to try various sets of their specialty tempura and tendon dishes savored with their signature dontare sauce that gives much flavor to the dish making it infinitely more flavorful and enjoyable.

tempura_tendon_tenya_sm_megamall_featured_posterThey serve a number of tendon creations from rice bowls where the signature sauce is mixed in to various sets served with udon or soba and a number of sides where you get to partake in a teishoku style dining (rice, soup and sides also refillable).tempura_tendon_tenya_sm_megamall_isoba_cheeseTheir Isobe Cheese is strangely addicting! A combination that’s kind of peculiar where they have mozzarella stuffed seaweed bites covered in light and well seasoned batter, served with creamy Japanese mayonnaise as dip. The flavor combination between the creamy cheese filling and the savory, distinct flavor of the nori and the crunch from the outer bits makes for one addicting treat.


BUTA KIMUCHI TENDON – 3 big slices of perfectly cooked pork belly served with japanese kimchi and authentic steaming hot japanese rice.

You know how I love meat and this pork belly rice bowl treat of three big pieces of belly covered in their light and crispy batter and a drizzling of that flavorful dontare sauce that’s just perfect with lots of rice, then you hit some of that kimchi that’s slightly sour and a bit spicy to leave you wanting for more.


ASAKUSA SPECIAL TENDON SET – big succulent black tiger prwans, kakiage and green beans, battered and deep fried with a hint of tenya’s signature dontare sauce, served on top of steaming japanese rice.

Something for the seafood lovers, you get treated to three pieces of black tiger prawns and this piece of kakiage that’s stuffed with more shrimp pieces and some green beans. I got the set that’s served with some cold soba, I must say they have good soba – from the texture of the soba and the really flavorful dipping sauce that it’s served it.


ALL-STAR TENDON – black tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans, kakiage, and mushroom tempura

tempura_tendon_tenya_sm_megamall_all_star_tendonBoth Y and I got the All-Star Tendon, they actually serve it in two forms, a rice bowl where their signature dontare sauce is mixed in, and the other one with the set that comes with all the refillable sides ours was served with (very good) udon. I think if you want to sample all of their tempura and tendon offerings you should go and get this set as it has a bit of everything.

tempura_tendon_tenya_sm_megamall_kids_mealTempura Tendon Tenya is a kid-friendly restaurant as well, in fact they serve their kiddie meals in cute plates like this set that’s served on a shinkansen / bullet train plate they also have one that’s shaped like doraemon and other adorable stuff.

tempura_tendon_tenya_sm_megamall_japanese_cheesecakeFor dessert we opted for something very light, filled up on so much seafood, meat, noodles and rice that we were nearly in a state of food comma, good thing we managed to save a bit of room for this Japanese Cheesecake. It’s very simple, light and fluffy base, although I’ll always be partial to the more dense, rich and decadent cream cheese-based cheesecakes this one does the job as well.

Tempura Tendon Tenya serves another staple of Japanese food, they have very good tendon specials and that signature dontare sauce is just gold, their teishoku meals offers good value for your money, will definitely be back for more.

Tempura Tendon Tenya

4th Level SM Megamall Bldg. A
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
(02) 837-5036
Facebook Page

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