Playful and Inspired Baked Goods by The Bald Baker

THE BALD BAKER – A home baker that’s based in BGC that makes some of the most fun and inspired cookies that I’ve tried in recent memory.  Started out in a benefit food fair, word of mouth about his awesome baked goods spread like wildfire, now he’s also spreading his product line with the introduction of new cookie flavors and loaves.

the_bald_b aker_featured_posterCy of The Bald Baker makes some of the most unique cookies that are moist and slightly chewy on the edges, my personal favorite is his Matchallows and it’s one of the best matcha-based cookie that I’ve tried.the_bald_b aker_featured_image_matcha_chocollowsThe cookie flavors that made this home baker famous, his orginal creations – Chocollows and Matchallows. A fun to eat cookie of slightly chewy edges and moist cookie base studded with slightly chewy marhmallow bits.

the_bald_b aker_chocollowsHow do you improve on the classic chocolate chip cookie? Here’s his Chocollows with a soft and chewy cookie base, caramelized on the edges (my favorite part) and studded with dark chocolate pieces and then topped with gooey pieces of marshmallow. This is really good and fun to eat as well and is perfect with some milk.

the_bald_b aker_matchallowsA personal favorite, these Black Sesame Matchallows are a must-try! It has the same soft and chewy cookie base with nice caramelized bits on the sides and as long so you sink your teeth into the cookie you’ll be treated with nice texture from the chewy cookie base, the gooey marshmallows and those pieces of roasted black sesame seeds that gives it much flavor as well and is just perfect with the bold matcha flavor and creamy white chocolate bits mixed in.

Another must-try specially if like things that are sweet and salty – his version of the Compost Cookie with a chewy vanilla cookie base loaded with lots of elements for both flavor and texture. Cy shares this cookie is loaded with basically everything that he has in his kitchen; cacao nibs, dark chocolate coins, butterscotch, dark chocolate droplets, chocolate covered rice krispies, ruffles potato chips, pretzels, graham cracker crumbs, oreo bits, rolled oats, marshmallows, and salted caramel. A party of flavors and texture in your mouth!

the_bald_b aker_oatmeal_and_flaxseed2A new cookie treat that’s almost all about good texture – Oatmeal and Flaxseed Cookie made with an awesome chunky and chewy molasses flavored oatmeal cookie that packs great texture with because of the rolled oats and flax seed mixed in.

the_bald_b aker_ritz_and_rufflesOne of The Bald Baker’s more unique cookie creation is this Ritz and Ruffles Cookie made with a sweet and salty vanilla flavored cookie base filled with ritz crackers and ruffles potato chips and a sprinkling of smoky bacon salt for some flavor and good texture. Another sweet and savory sweet tooth treat that has a unique flavor and texture.

the_bald_b aker_chocochip_banana_loafBut really the biggest surprise and I think the most rave-worthy of his new baked goods is this Chocochip Banana Loaf. It has a sour cream banana cake base making it super moist and decadent and the banana flavor on this one is just intense! Cy shares he uses about 1kg of bananas per batch to achieve that glorious flavor that’s naturally sweet so he can make them with less sugar content. And then you hit those dark chocolate chips with the bread base – fantastic! And to top it off there’s these gorgeous brûlée banana slivers making it a real eye-candy and it tastes so good too!

If you love cookies and have a sweet tooth, the baked goods of Cy,  The Bald Baker should be on your must-try list. Don’t miss on his Sesame Matchallows, Compost Cookie, and Chocochip Banana Loaf.

The Bald Baker

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