THE BLACK SERIES at Eri Curry: Back to Basics Japanese Comfort Food

ERI CURRY – Is one of the first Japanese curry houses to open in the SM Megamall area and recently they expanded their menu with back to basics, traditional comfort food that they call the black series. Indulge into more familiar dishes of soba, rice meals and salads that also goes well with their existing curry dishes.

eri_curry_black_sries_featured_posterA personal favorite from the black series is their humble Gyudon, thinly sliced, flavorful, tender pieces with a sweet glaze and egg over hot, fluffy white rice – comfort food in a bowl.

eri_curry_black_sries_spicy_fish_ebi_saladFor something light try their Spicy Fish / Ebi Salad. Generous fish or shrimp topping cooked in light and crispy batter enveloped in this flavorful sauce with the slightest bit of spice, just enough to titillate the taste buds.

eri_curry_black_sries_butaniku_kare_sobaThis is really good, their Butaniku Kare Soba is a must-try for us meat lovers as it’s made of well cooked soba noodles in this rich and slightly spicy japanese curry sauce base that’s just enough to adhere to the noodble bits and then topped with tender slices of pork.

eri_curry_black_sries_gyuniku_kare_sobaBut if I’m going to pick a favorite, it would be their Gyuniku Kare Soba of the same, well-cooked noodle base coated in this flavorful curry sauce and then topped with thinly sliced, tender beef pieces. Would gladly eat this with a bowl of rice.

eri_curry_black_sries_tofu_steak_tofu_curryIf you like tofu, don’t miss on their Tofu Curry / Tofu Steak as both dishes packs a punch with amazing flavor and the tofu pieces remained wonderfully crisp and then topped with generous pieces of beef and curry to give it much flavor. Good stuff!

eri_curry_black_sries_kakiage_tempuraThere’s also the Kakiage Tempura of a mixture of veggies chopped into strips and cooked in this very light and crispy batter, the veggies are slightly sweet and then you hit it with the flavorful, savory dipping sauce that’s mixed with grated radish.

eri_curry_black_sries_katsudonThey also have good Katsudon made with pieces of deep fried pork cutlet in panko batter and then topped with this sweet egg-based sauce and some onions. The sweet egg bits is just perfect with the flavorful, slightly crispy pork pieces and a lot of rice.

eri_curry_black_sries_gyudonBut my favorite for their new rice bowls would definitely be the Gyudon. Happiness is seeing this eye candy of a rice bowl of generous topping of thinly sliced, flavorful and tender beef pieces that’s glazed in a sweet sauce and then you mix everything including the egg yolk with the hot white rice and it coats everything like a very creamy sauce and it binds everything together, true comfort food in rice bowl form.

Good news! These new menu items will be available starting June 12 at Eri Curry SM Megamall and they will be sold at 50% off the original price and 30% off on June 13. Would definitely go back for those rice bowls and kare soba.

Eri Curry

Third Floor, Mega Atrium,
SM Mega Mall, Ortigas,
Mandaluyong City

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