Rediscovering a Classic with the New Delectable Dishes from The Plaza

The Plaza has been around for 50 years, they’ve done countless events gracing a lot of peoples precious moments with their awesome food choices. Now I’ve been a fan of their Premium Ham, I think most of us are, but I recently went on a preview dinner of their new dishes it was fantastic!


The classic Premium Ham in all its glorious meaty bits and that glaze and the different sauces in which you can pair it with – HAPPINESS!

the_plaza_interiorsThis is their sample setup for the banquet, nothing too fancy from the simple centrepiece of flowers the star here is the food, lots and lots of good food.

the_plaza_smoked_smoked_tanguingeThis is a personal favourite from their appetizer spread, Really good Smoked Tanguinge that’s infinitely more flavorful than the other smoked fish that I’ve tried. It’s served with a dill mustard sauce and some chopped eggs, onions, capers and lemon as condiments.

the_plaza_chicken_ala_kievNow this is a classic – really good Chicken ala Kiev of moist chicken breasts fried in light and crispy butter, when you hit it with a knife the butter oozes out, coating everything like a sauce. So simple but really good.

the_plaza_smoked_lenguaEveryone is just all raves about this Lengua. This is really, really good and I’m not usually a fan of the dish but this one is quite special since it’s been smoked and cured and cooked in this luscious cream sauce. SO GOOD! This is a must-try!

the_plaza_cured_pork_knuckles1 the_plaza_cured_pork_knuckles2One of the best crispy pata / deep fried Pork Knuckles that I’ve tried! Seriously this is so good even without the sauce. The secret is because the meat has been cured before frying resulting to this pink-ish colour when you cut into the meat and the flavour on this one is just fantastic!

the_plaza_angel_hair_pasta_with_seafood_pomodoro_sauce the_plaza_angel_hair_pasta_with_garlic_chorizoThere’s also a pasta station with two of their best-selling pasta dishes. Both the Seafood Pomodoro and Garlic Chorizo was good. Now it’s no secret that I love anything with spanish chorizo so I was partial to the other pasta sauce. I also tried pairing it with some rice and it was very good also.

Then I moved on to the carving station that houses the piece de resitance, the stars of our dinner.

the_plaza_premium_baked_hamThe Plaza’s Premium Ham is still so good! I mean what’s not to love right? Between the perfectly cured piece of ham and that gorgeous caramelization on the outer bits yielding to this fantastic succulent meat and then you pair it with the sauces. SO GOOD!

the_plaza_premium_baked_ham2Now you can eat the ham as is, at least that’s what I like to do but they can also serve it with some good bread – the two variants include a pandesal slider and the more hefty and filling sub sandwich.

the_plaza_premium_roast_corned_beefAfter eating so much of the ham I was already on the slight state of food coma but then I saw this. Behold The Plaza’s Premium Roast Corned Beef in all its glory! THIS IS A MUST-TRY! Seriously this is so damn good! Makes for one of the best roast corned beef sandwich that I’ve tried. I could definitely eat this all day, everyday!

And then there was desserts, perfect sweet endings to the lovely dinner that we had, I tried the two cakes as there’s just no space for the other stuff.

the_plaza_salted_caramel_cheesecakeI think this was everyone’s favorite, their Salted Caramel Cheesecake is really good! Normally they serve this in bite size pieces because it’s quite rich. But they ended up serving us the whole cake and I’m so glad they did. I went back for seconds of this. Really good specially with strong coffee.

the_plaza_decadent_chocolate_cakeThe Decadent Chocolate Cake was such a classic. Layers of moist chocolate cake base, ganache and caramel. Surprisingly everything wasn’t too sweet so I ended up eating a lot of this as well.

the_plaza_croquemboucheThere’s also this lovely stack of Crouquembouche that’s a pile of choux pastry filled with cream and drizzled with threads of homemade caramel. It was a definite eye candy and tasted good as well.

I had a lovely dinner trying the classics and the new dishes from The Plaza. Thanks again Karla Reyes for being such a gracious host and congratulations again for the 50th anniversary of the brand.

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