The Sexy Chef at Flavors Restaurant of Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

FLAVORS RESTAURANT – For a number of weekends The Sexy Chef will partner up with the buffet restaurant of Holiday Inn & Suites, Makati. With Chef Barni at the helm of things they partnered up to whip up some healthy, palatable dishes for the spread. I tried it last week and actually liked the stuff that I’ve tried. Remember my post about The Sexy Chef’s south beach diet program and healthy indulgence desserts? I’m a fan of their food specially the desserts as they make healthy stuff that you actually would love to eat.

flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_featured_posterA favorite from the stuff we tried from the buffet spread, Baked Salmon with Spinach topped with creamy sauce and cheese – goes well with my liking to the flaky, fatty goodness of salmon in this warm and comforting baked dish.flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_california_maki_pinwheelsAppetizer of California Maki Pinwheels of treats made with high fiber, sugar-free wheat bread and nori outer bits and seafood stuffing like your usual maki.

flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_malunggay_tantanmenA nice surprise is this Malunggay Tantanmen made with low-calorie baked malunggay noodles that has great texture and is really filled with good health benefits. And then you hit the broth that’s nice and flavorful with nice bit of heat and the mushrooms give a bit more umami goodness.

flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_baked_salmon_with_spinachBaked Salmon with Spinach is definitely my favorite from the stuff by Sexy Chef that we tried from the buffet spread. Very good, well cooked piece of salmon topped with low-fat bechamel sauce and some cheese and some spinach to give it a more interesting texture.

flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_quinoa_shrimp_fried_riceBut the big surprise turned out to be their Quinoa Shrimp Fried Rice, a grain / super food that they used as a rice substitute that’s packed with nice flavor and texture and topped with some plump shrimps making it more flavorful.

flavors_restaurant_holiday_inn_and_suites_makati_the_sexy_chef_brawny_browniesFor desserts that night, I got their gluten-free, sugar-free Brawny Brownies that’s delightfully nutty and chocolaty, a rich almost fudge like texture, packs very good flavor it’s definitely one of my favorites also from their healthy indulgence dessert lineup.

The Sexy Chef will be partnering up with Flavors Restaurant of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati all weekends this month and provide some good, healthy food choices in the buffet’s spread. Patrons of their diet program and BPI card holders also get a discount.

Flavors Restaurant

Holiday Inn & Suites,
Palm Dr San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 909-0888

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