Freestyle Tapas and Fusion Cuisine at VYNE (@vyne_ph)

VYNE is nice tapas bar, restaurant and lounge tucked at the top floor of the W Global Center in BGC. I think the ambiance here is great; a nice view of the city on its large glass panels, high ceiling and tasteful interiors of artsy murals and a gorgeous looking bar as a focal point of the restaurant. I really thought of the restaurant more of a drinking place, but its actually a nice place to get a decent grub of freestyle tapas and fusion cuisine – familiar dishes with playful takes and interpretation makes for a more pleasurable dining experience.


Pièce de résistance of Ribeye steak, all 600 grams of it, food here is playful and inspired. Great place to hang out and savor some good small plates with drinks (tapas) or go for the more heavy, filling entrees.

We had a feast for a dinner at VYNE, sampled most of the items on the menu from the small plates / tapas that pairs well with the drinks to the more filling ones. I was pleasantly surprised with their food – the word fusion is a bit iffy for me as most often than not restaurants that do ‘fusion’ screw things up with the combinations and interpretations of classic, familiar dishes. Good thing their food didn’t disappoint, plating is nice and the flavor combinations were commendable.


PORK CHASU BUN – pork chasu, fried quail egg, fried mantao, nori strips, leeks, and sesame mayo

Who doesn’t love chashu? I mean melt in your mouth, thinly sliced fatty pork pieces on fried mantou bun and a bunch of other components, this was quite enjoyable, you eat it like a slider and you get treated to a variety of flavors and texture. Though I’d like the pork pieces to have a bit more flavor to it, for it to truly be the star of the dish.


THAI SCALLOPS – seared scallops, mango salad in nuoc cham dressing, sambal mayo, crispy catfish

I really liked their Thai Scallops! Plump pieces of this well-loved crustacean served in little pieces of flat breads. The sambal based, mayo gives it that nice bit of spice, leaving you wanting for more, further whetting your appetite and the mango salsa on top does well with balancing the flavors.


MINI CRAB CAKES – crab cakes, apple mayo, avruga, pickled radish

Their crab cakes are really nice! Crisped up bits from the outer layer of batter then you hit this creamy gorgeous layers of crab meat as you bite into it. Its topped with this refreshing aioli that cuts to the natural richness of the crab cakes, and then you hit those little avruga pieces and it pops in your mouth for that spike of flavor. The pickled radish running through the background gives it a nice refreshing kick to balance the naturally flavorful dish.


PRAWN AND RAVIOLI LAKSA – prawn ravioli, tofu, fried onions, bean sprouts, laksa soup

If you’re fond of the spicy stuff, then their Prawn and Ravioli Laksa is a must-try. It’s perfect for the rainy days, treating you to a bowl of rich and velvety soup with lovely components of plump prawn and ravioli pieces + the tofu, crisped up onions and sprouts giving it some nice layers of texture.


EAST ASIAN SALAD – mixed green salad, asian slaw, kimchi, korean rice cake, salmon floss, sesame dressing

It’s no secret that I’m not really a fan of veggies and I skip salads if I can, with the only exemption of a few dressings that I really like. Good thing their dressing on this one is sesame based (one of my fave). Greens give you that nice tinge of crunch and that creamy and rich dressing of sesame base on the background + the crisped up salmon floss, it’s quite nice. Something that I, who’s not a fan of veggies could enjoy.


APPLE AND BLEU CHEESE SALAD – apple, bleu cheese, cranberry, honey yogurt dressing, arugula

One of my favorite from the dishes we tried was their Apple and Bleu Cheese Salad for its a thing of beauty and it actually tastes good as well. It’s like a deconstructed apple salad and I just love the plating and presentation on this one. Chopped up green apple pieces stuffed with this delightfully creamy bleu cheese bits, then you hit it with the honey + yogurt dressing on the side as it balances the pungent and sharp flavor of the stuffing, then there’s the cranberry and candied nuts for some textural elements that makes this salad infinitely more interesting. This one’s really good! A must-try.


RAMEN CARBONARA – miso cream carbonara, smoke pork, ramen broth, sous-vide quail egg

A nice and playful take on one of my favorite pasta dish, springy noodles enveloped by this nice creamy sauce base, then you pour in a bit of that ramen broth (miso) and it gives you much flavor and a punch of earthiness to the pasta dish, the smoked pork slices were just fantastic, reminded me of bacon, only this are thicker and not cured with a decent meat and fat ratio. I just wish they’d use a normal sized egg on this one so that more of the creamy, golden goodness of the yolk would adhere to the pasta.


VYNE BURGER – 200g beef patties, mushroom ragout, foie gras, bleu cheese, apricot jam, brioche bun

Burger topped with foie gras FTW!!!

Lovely brioche bun houses a thick beef patties and then you hit the mushroom for that nice, earthy, ma-umami goodness. And then there’s the decadent pieces of foie gras giving its creamy fatty glory to the burger and the flavor goes really well with the meaty bits, the apricot jam and bleu cheese runs in the background to balance all that meaty and rich flavors, this is definitely a treat. Do ask for your burger to be cooked medium-rare for you to really enjoy the tender and juicy qualities of the meat.


PAN SEARED SOLE – pan seared sole fish, parsley emulsion, saffron risotto, sweet corn puree, roasted vegetables

This is the most simple of the dishes that we tried, a nice piece of sole fish, tender and well seasoned plated beautifully with a number of components to compliment the flavor of the fish, some sweetness from the corn puree and the parsley emulsion on the side and a decent risotto as filler. I think it’s the least exciting dish from the stuff that we tried, I really liked the risotto though.


US ANGUS RIBEYE STEAK – 600g prime rib steak, horseradish gremolata, beef jus, fried brussels sprouts


A steak and a nice glass of merlot to cap off our dinner, ribeye steak done quite well, well seasoned with the fatty bits just lovely, you can also have the excess fat removed and have them toasted for even more happiness. The steak was served with a variety of sauces, but I tried the meat first bare, to appreciate its lovely flavor, for me the au jus was the way to go, a sauce made from the drippings of the meat, it just highlight the steaks natural flavors, good stuff. To be honest I didn’t even try the potatoes and the greens on the side as I was hooked to the gorgeous steak pieces.

For our sweet ending we tried their cheesecake.


LEMON CHEESECAKE (CITRUS AND BASIL) – lemon new york cheesecake, lemon custard, basil, chopped pistacchio, meringue

Although I’m more partial to the heavy and dense cheesecakes, I really enjoyed their Citrus and Basil (Lemon Cheesecake), its a nice and refreshing sweet tooth treat of creamy new york cheesecake and custard, the roughly chopped pistachio bits give it a nice crunch to the bite and some contrast in texture and the meringue bits was just these sweet, fluffy stuff melting in the background.

Like I said, I was surprised of the quality of VYNE‘s food. I always thought of the place as a drinking place or a posh after drinks lounge where people would stay and linger for some recovery food to munch on until they’re sober, food here is inspired, the plating nice and the flavor and texture combinations and the concept behind some of the dishes are quite impressive. Would love to go back to try more, heard they’d be open for lunch soon, would love to sample stuff from the new lunch menu will be back soon. One thing I noticed was the very limited wine list, wish they’d add more choices of quality wines to compliment their food as they have an extensive liquor choices on the bar.



8/F W Global Center
9th avenue cor. 30th St.,
Bonifacio Global City
(0917) 553-0197

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