Afternoon Tea at Writer's Bar

Had some nice afternoon tea at Writer’s Bar. A place that’s styled as a library, taking design influences to its counterpart in Singapore. It’s at the lobby of Raffles Makati. A nice lounge for reading books while enjoying your preferred cup of coffee or tea with an array of small bites.


Afternoon tea time bliss with small bites and Genmaicha 🙂

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A vast collection of books, couches, a comfy, laid back ambiance, and you get to enjoy your tea time with some nice calming music during your stay.

Writer’s Bar Menu: Raffles Classic, Signature Cocktails, Wine, Tea, Coffee,Breakfast a la carte, Dessert, Snack

Genmaicha + Raffles Classic (P800)
Genmaicha + Raffles Classic (P800)

We tried their Raffles Classic (P800), an afternoon tea set of small bites and your choice of signature tea or coffee.


It starts with a selection of sandwiches.

Iberico Ham on Tomato Ciabatta | Cucumber on White Bread
Iberico Ham on Tomato Ciabatta | Cucumber on White Bread

Starting with something light, Cucumber on White Bread, soft white bread with shreds of cucumber, light in flavor and with the pieces of cucumber sliced almost paper thin, there’s not much that of difference in texture. Then there’s the Iberico Ham on Tomato Ciabatta, a more flavorful variant with the ham giving a sharp savory flavor, then you hit the pickles and then comes this spike of tanginess that cleanses the palate.

Smoked Salmon on Mini-Baguette with Poppy Seeds | Eggs on Rye Bread
Smoked Salmon on Mini-Baguette with Poppy Seeds | Eggs on Rye Bread

I’m a big fan of the simple egg salad sandwich so I really liked their Eggs on Rye Bread. A very simple treat with eggs that’s creamy then you hit the bread with a hint of sour flavor, good stuff. Of all the sandwiches, their Smoked Salmon on Mini Baguette was my favorite. Oh succulent piece of smoked salmon, then there’s the bread that’s a bit crunchy then there’s the poppy seeds for more contrast in flavor and texture.


Moving on, some scones with lemon custard and preserves.


Scones with nuts and raisins to pair up with a combination of lemon custard that has the slightest hint of tanginess to it, creamy, and light, and then the preserves, fruity, and refreshing.


Another treat is to combine the custard with the preserves, it’s creamy and fruity, almost like ice cream 😀



Creme Brulee | Mille Feuille
Creme Brulee | Mille Feuille

Started wtih the creme brulee, of light creamy custard with a caramelized top, got a spoon to break the thin brittle of caramelized sugar on top then got a spoonful and I got to enjoy it’s light and creamy goodness. Then there’s the Mille Feuille, oh layers of puff pastry filled with creamy vanilla custard, then you hit the nuts in the filling giving a nice contrast in texture.

Eclair | Strawberry Tart

The eclair that’s light choux pastry filled with cream and then topped with icing. A creamy filling that bursts when you bite into it, then you hit the topping that resembled Belgian chocolates that I really like. The strawberry tart was nice, crumbly base with the fresh strawberry bits giving a wonderful hint of tanginess, fruity and refreshing.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

I’m a shameless choco-holic and I love their chocolate mousse! Oh the simplest of things; mousse that has a strong, pronounced chocolate flavor, deep chocolate-y taste and goodness that I really, really love, then you hit the strawberry on top and it gives a nice hint of tanginess balancing the flavor and cleanses your palate.

Simple, chocolate-y, good!


Though their coffee selection was promising, your next refill would be their regular brewed coffee so I got tea instead. The goodness of Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice; of light flavor and a nice roasted rice aroma, I really enjoyed their genmaicha.


VERDICT: Afternoon tea at the Writer’s Bar went well, calming tea, some small bites, nice music, and a killer comfy and laid back ambiance. Got to relax and chill with friends, and I’m definitely going back to try some other stuff from their menu, the breakfast selection’s promising.

VALUE FOR MONEY: At P800 for the tea set, it’s a bit pricey, but I’d say it’s well worth it for the experience, huge collection of books, nice tea and decent food.


Writer’s Bar, Raffles Makati

1 Raffles Drive,
Makati Avenue
(02) 555 9777

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