Yakitori Sessions at Tambai Snackhouse Makati

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Tambai Snackhouse Makati, raves on social media about their skewers of meat and seafood that diners often enjoy with a nice pint or local brew. Finally tried it the other week before a scheduled dinner in the area, and I must say they have fantastic yakitori! It’s more of an al fresco dining restaurant (they have a small section though that’s covered and have airconditioning) with tables in front of the restaurant and an open kitchen that really invites diner to try their food.

tambai_snackhouse_makati_featured_posterA platter filled with skewers of the things I love, from the irresistible crispy chicken skin, some beef rib fingers, isaw, bacon wrapped quail eggs and other good stuff.tambai_snackhouse_makati_pork_katsu_curry_in_bunNow before I go through the yakitori goodness that I’ve tried in Tambai, I’ll start with soemthing new from their menu, a limited item of Pork Katsu Curry in Bun. This is quite simple but surprisingly filling, good bread cases a nice and crispy piece of well cooked katsu enveloped with a nice curry glaze for some spice and that creamy aioli to balance all the flavor. Good.

tambai_snackhouse_makati_kimchie_fried_riceNow you know I’m more of a more rice, more fun kind of guy and I can’t pass on a rice dish to pair with all those flavorful stuff in skewers so I got their Kimchi Fried Rice. What I liked is that it has the right amount of spice and sourness to it, just enough to further tickle the taste buds and leave you wanting for more. This goes really well with the grilled stuff, I highly recommend you get this.

tambai_snackhouse_makati_chicken_wings_confit tambai_snackhouse_makati_chicken_wings_confit2I’m telling you their Chicken Wings Confit is so good, got two orders of this and it was literally gone in seconds. Go through the succulent pieces of chicken wings that’s cooked really well and packed with much flavor with some of the outer bits caramelized and charred, so good!!!

tambai_snackhouse_makati_chicken_skinFrom one fantastic chicken dish to another, who can say no these Chicken Skin (3 pcs per order)? This definitely what yakitori dreams are made of, so so good – definitely a must-try! Decadent pieces of well cooked chicken skin that’s crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and juicy as you bite into it. Get a lot of this as it will be devoured quickly, definitely one of my favorites from the stuff we tried.

tambai_snackhouse_makati_us_beef_isawInnards has always been a staple in our street food and Tambai‘s US Beef Isaw is definitely a good one. Clean and definitely void of any bitter after taste, these pieces of beef intestines are delightfully chewy and flavorful, no need for extra sauce.

tambai_snackhouse_makati_us_beef_rib_fingerIf I’d pick a favorite from the stuff that we got, it’s got to be their US Beef Rib Finger, a big badass yakitori of cubes of succulent and flavorful meat that has some gorgeous trimming of fat on the side that when caramelized and charred gives so much flavor. This is very very good specially with their kimchi rice, definitely a must-try!

tambai_snackhouse_makati_quail_egg_baconQuail Egg  & Bacon is a real treat between the ever so creamy egg base that’s caramelized with the side with their glaze and the drippings from the smoky and sweet and savory bacon that they wrapped it with, heaven in your mouth! Two things I love in yakitori form. GOOD!

I really enjoyed the stuff that we tried at Tambai Snackhouse, definitely a destination for some good yakitori in Makati. Service was good, the place is definitely good for hanging out with friends and most important of all their food is really good!!! Will definitely be back for more of that crispy chicken skin, wings, beef rib finger and kimchi rice! Yum!!!

Tambai Snackhouse

5779 Felipe St
Poblacion, Makati
(0917) 842-3725
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