Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar at Greenbelt

Went to Zuni at Greenbelt for dinner and enjoyed their contemporary Mediterranean cuisine 😀    Photo from Zuni’s website, can’t take a decent wide shot of the resto. — Telephoto lens dilemma. 🙁

Anyway the place is really nice, with quite tasteful interiors, the servers were nice and very welcoming too.

While contemplating on what appetizer dish to get, I’ve become quite fond of their bread and salsa(complimentary welcome food) so I didn’t get one 😀

It’s not just the usual bread and butter welcome food, they have this salsa that has anchovies, parmesan, tomatoes, beets and some other stuff that really worked in titillating my taste buds.

After that I got their Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Sirloin! 😀 😀 😀

Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Sirloin (P770)
Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Sirloin (P770)

 In ancho-mushroom sauce, served with potato au-gratin and feta cheese salad

When the dish was served, they offered some freshly ground pepper and OMG it took over me! I almost munched on it, good thing I managed to control myself and stop to take a shot of the dish 😀 Come on! Wagyu sirloin that is rubbed with coffee what’s not to like!?

I was curious on the effect of the coffee with the meat, so I tried it plain (without the sauce) and oh my the flavors went well! The savory goodness of the wagyu beef and the bold flavor of the coffee went really well together. The potato au-gratin (baked potatoes with cheese) was good too! it had this outer layer of cheese that had a nice tinge of crunch to it.

Their ancho-mushroom sauce

This one’s the thick and really flavorful sauce that came with the dish.
Ancho chile + mushroom = GOOD!

For my sweet ending I tried their Zuni Obsession 😀

Zuni Obsession (P265)

Now that’s a dessert dish that I can be obsessed with! The dessert had three main components; the moist chocolate cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and some mixed fruits topped with that red berry sauce.

Zuni Obsession (P265)

The moist chocolate cake can be a bit overwhelming with its sweet chocolate-y goodness, but the mixed fruits (red and green apples, grapes, and mango) balance it well. and their vanilla ice cream! It’s really good, you get that full vanilla flavor that’s not so sweet. The usual vanilla ice cream is just sweet (commercial brands) but theirs was packed with that distinct vanilla flavor that’s really rave-worthy.


VERDICT: Had a great time at Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar, Greenbelt. The food, ambiance, and service were all good. I LOVE the coffee rubbed wagyu dish, and their Zuni Obsession that I got for dessert. The place definitely deserves a return trip 😀

VALUE FOR MONEY: Menu items here are pricey, but if there’s a special occasion, or you want to treat yourself, this is one good place to indulge in good food.


Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar, Greenbelt

G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-0361 to 62
Official Website


23 thoughts on “Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar at Greenbelt”

  1. Wagyu beef is very expensive but it is worth it! Wagyu beef contains a higher percentage of omega 3 and omega 6 than ordinary beef. I like your pictures especially the third one. Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Sirloin is kinda intriguing. Hope to eat at Zuni soon!

  2. congrats with your blog by the way. i’ve always admired its layout ever since i saw this. plus, your photos look crisp and the way you feature your food is tempting 😉

  3. mahal talaga ang wagyu kahit saan. 😮
    pero the zuni obsession is clearly for the sweet tooth. ang ganda rin ng plating. parang nakakaguilty if sirain. haha.

  4. A coffee-rubbed Wagyu Sirlon? Tastes pretty interesting. ^_^

    I’ve been passing through this resto almost everyday (as our office was just a few minutes away). I guess I need to take my family there before my contract at work expires.

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